When God Wakes You Up At 3AM? Full Explanation

Many people around the world wake up puzzled at 3 am, a complex phenomenon to interpret. The fact of waking up at that time has several approaches. The biblical meaning of waking up at 3 points directly to the time when Jesus Christ died.

The Christian faith affirms that the messiah died at 3 pm, the opposite time of 3 am. That means that waking up at that time manifests a spiritual challenge that you must face in order to evolve and become a better person. If this happens to you often, start praying to God to strengthen your connection with Him.

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Waking Up At 3 am?

According to the Christian faith, the biblical meaning of being awakened at 3 am points to the time Jesus Christ died. The son of God died at 3 pm, therefore the hour 3 am represents a challenge from Satan to Jesus and the Holy Trinity. The number 3 is sacred in the Bible, this number speaks of the Holy Trinity, composed of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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It is believed that evil spirits are highly active at that hour, therefore God wakes you up at that hour so that they do not harm you, and instead, you start praying for God to protect you.

The Bible frequently mentions that God sends messages to various individuals through dreams to communicate truly transcendental messages. For example, God told Joseph, Jesus’ adoptive father, that Mary was pregnant by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

However, the Scriptures do not mention specific times. God gives time a spiritual meaning, not an earthly meaning. Therefore all the numbers that appear in the Bible must be interpreted carefully because they have a strong symbolic meaning that goes beyond physical reality.

Several biblical passages affirm that at that time people liked to gather in groups to pray at 3 pm, the same hour that Jesus died. Satan, with the intention of mocking God, decided that evil forces would manifest in the earthly reality to make people suffer.

Satan decided to have that ripe portal open at 3 am, the opposite time that Jesus died. However, God is not the least bit concerned about evil manifestations, since He always overcomes Evil.

One simply has to believe in the Holy Trinity to be protected from any evil force. God is always with us, so there is no need to fear the diabolical manifestations that appear at night.

Why God Wakes You Up At 3 A.M.?

God wakes you up at 3 am to contact him through prayer. The hour 3 am is also called the Devil’s Hour or the Witches Hour because evil forces manifest themselves to disturb human beings.

God awakens you to be aware of this danger, but you need not fear because He is with you. Prayer is the most powerful tool to strengthen your bond with God, regardless of any evil force that wants to be around you. That is why you must pray confidently and you will see that all fear will disappear.

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If you usually wake up at this time of the morning, it is very likely that you are experiencing a period of mental and spiritual uncertainty. Evil forces could take advantage of your state of confusion and lead you down an evil path.

God wants to protect you from evil and intends to guide you through this complex period so that you make healthy decisions in every way. This is a good time to reaffirm your faith in God and find a positive purpose for your life and your environment.

Encourage yourself to get in tune with the heavenly energy and your life will begin to flow in harmony with the goal that God has for you.

Another reason why God wakes you up at 3 am is because He knows that you are experiencing a period of extreme stress and pressure. If you are going through a difficult situation it is convenient that when you wake up at that hour you meditate on God’s infinite goodness and trust that He will manifest harmony in your life.

Then start praying to calm your nerves. God will hear your prayers and you will feel the inner peace you need.

Why Is 3 A.M. Important In The Spiritual World And In Bible?

The hour 3 am is important both in the spiritual world and in the Bible because this time expresses strong meanings in several senses. From the spiritual point of view, 3 am signals an energetic portal through which the physical world enters in tune with the spiritual plane.

The separation between the two worlds disappears and human beings can perceive evil presences and benign presences. If you wake up at 3 am and feel distressed it is because there are negative entities that want to harm you. You can ask the Holy Spirit for protection and no evil force will harm you.

The spiritual perspective also indicates that 3 am expresses that the individual is experiencing an awakening of consciousness. The spiritual world, through the angels and celestial guides, wants to capture your attention so that you begin your evolutionary path.

The divine realm will place you in situations functional to your spiritual awakening so that you can fulfill your soul’s purpose. It is likely that you will stop associating with some people and instead meet new people who are in tune with the stage you are experiencing.


For the Bible, 3 am is also an important hour because it remembers the death of Jesus Christ. The messiah died at 3 pm, the opposite hour of 3 am. Satan releases evil forces at that hour to harm mankind.

However God overcomes any negative entity, the Christian believer only has to keep his faith in Him and nothing bad will happen to him. When you wake up at 3 am and feel anxious you have to start praying to God so that no negative entity will take advantage of your difficult situation.

Approaching God in silence will calm your anguish in the middle of the night, feeling true inner peace.

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