Candle Burning Meaning: How To Read A Candle Flame

When referring to a candle, what does it indicate if it burns quickly? What does it indicate if there are two prongs rather than just one? What exactly does it mean when a candle emits dark smoke?

The act of lighting a candle is considered to be sacred in a variety of different faiths. This action, conveys far more than words can, and must be carried out with the utmost gratitude. Candles have been used by men in worship services from the beginning of recorded history.

The spiritual practice of lighting a candle can take place at either the beginning or the conclusion of your day. Before beginning your time spent in meditation or prayer, you can consider lighting a candle in honor of a loved one who has gone away, a friend who is no longer with us, or the cause of global peace.

There are several events that call for the lighting of a candle. In addition, they are meant to pay homage to the saints and angels.

In this post, we are going to learn how to decipher the candle flame meaning, as well as how to decipher the meaning of the smoke coming from the candle, and much more.

Should I Read the Candle Signs?

It is essential to rely on one’s intuition when engaging in magical activities, just as it is in all religious rituals. The voice of our most fundamental self and our supreme being—the part of us that understands what is good for us and what is not good for us—is what we refer to as intuition.

If you feel and sense that reading candlestick signals is something that is good for you, then go ahead and do it without any problems. On the other hand, if you feel opposition from the deepest part of you or irritations, then it is probably best to avoid doing it.

When it comes to this topic, there are at least two schools of thinking. On the one hand, one may argue that the characteristics of the candle’s construction are to blame for the way it burns. This is also the case.

If you light a candle that has a wick that is particularly long, the candle can burn more quickly. When you burn it in close proximity to an open window, it may burn more quickly on one side than the other.

However, after being familiar with the fundamentals and the many schools of thought, it is important to keep in mind that an individual’s intuition and emotions are frequently an infallible guide that may provide answers to any situation.

In candle interpretation, there are three fundamental brackets, and they are as follows:

  • Pyromancy: Divination using fire
  • Ceromancy: Divination using wax
  • Capromancy: Divination using smoke

Pyromancy Signs (Candle and Flame Meanings)

Tealight candle flames at night.

High flame

The spiritual work being done is progressing at a very rapid rate, which is a positive indication since it indicates that the Entities are hard at work.

If it is love work, protection work, or prosperity work, then it indicates that the atmosphere is clean and free from any negative energy. One can be certain of witnessing outcomes in a short amount of time.

Low flame

If the candle was lit for prosperity or protection, you need to undertake a very powerful cleansing of the area and the person, since it is a sign of negativity and opposing forces.

If you do this, the candle will continue to work for you. In the emotional realm, it emphasizes the fact that there are a number of issues and concerns that need to be resolved before true spiritual work can begin.

The candle has more than one flame

The main flame represents you. In the event that it is a protective candle, it indicates the presence of one or more adversaries. If it is a candle that was used in a love ceremony, then it indicates the presence of emotionally invested and potentially harmful foes.

Flame flickers

When the candle flame flickers, this indicates the presence of spirits.

Flame crackles

There are different ways of interpretation. If it is a protective candle or a double-action candle to break negativity, this indicates that the candle has only partially protected you from the attack; in this case, it is necessary to light another one immediately and use more powerful spiritual support in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

The candle burns only on one side

The request made will be heard only partially. It is likely that a magical process that is unsuitable for the sort of problem that has to be solved was utilized.

The flame that goes out

This is a bad sign, it means that the spiritual work you are doing is not strong enough and will not reach the goal. In the event that it is a protective candle, this indicates that your spiritual barriers are not strong enough, and you will require more extreme treatments, such as flushing and defensive baths.

If the rites are for love or prosperity, it indicates that there are impediments to the petition, and you will need to do rigorous spiritual cleaning in order to realize your objective.

Capromancy Signs (Soot and Smoke Meanings)

A person holding a lighted candle.

A candle produces much black smoke

Which generally signals negativity or magical attacks, one must light a candle to Archangel Michael to break the negativity. A powerful negativity discharge bath and the implementation of spiritual protection practices are obligatory additions to this exercise.

The candle burns to produce smoke only at first

It indicates that there were early challenges in accomplishing the goal for which the candle was lighted, but that these challenges have subsequently been surmounted.

In any event, when the candle creates a lot of carbon black, even if it is just initially, it is vital to repair negative cleansing procedures, both personally and ecologically. This is because carbon black is a toxic substance.

White soot on the candle

Some people have the belief that if you see white soot on the candle, it is a sign that your intention is being supported by the spirit world or the universe.

Black soot at the bottom of the jar

In most cases, this is not a positive indicator. It’s possible that something is conspiring against you, and if you want your purpose to come true, you might have to put in some more effort on your own, in your relationships, or in your magical practices.

Smoke is heading toward you

If the smoke is heading toward you, your prayer will be heard.

Smoke heads in the opposite direction to you

If it heads in the opposite direction, it is a sign that you will have to fight to get what you want.

Smoke heads to the right

If it goes to your right you will have to be patient. Only by making smart decisions can you hope to achieve success.

Smoke heads to the left

If it goes to the left, you are too emotionally involved with the situation. You put yourself in danger of sabotaging your own efforts.

Signs Of Ceromancy (Meanings of Wax)

Burning pink candle.

A drop of wax falls very quickly toward the base

Good news, which will come quickly.

A large drop branches out as it falls

It is a good omen. The individual in question possesses stability and composure on all levels, including the physical, the spiritual, and the emotional.

One drop of water trickles down from the right

A solution to the problem and positive reaction.

A single drop of water falls from the left side

The answers to our issues will not appear for quite some time. A response that is unfavorable.

The wax drop changes direction as it falls

An uncertain future. Even if they do make it, the solutions to the difficulties won’t emerge until much later.

Several drops fall which then comes together

If they fall to the right you will get help from someone to find the answer to the questions you have been asking; if they fall to the left you will have to find the solution yourself.

Drops slow down and join others before reaching the base

A good luck. Providing prompt answers to unanswered questions.

There is a brief pause just before the drops hit the bottom

A portent of doom. An indecisive, reckless individual is unable to handle difficulties. Challenge to find a solution.


As was seen in this essay, interpreting the meaning of candles is not a simple task by any stretch of the imagination. It is vital to devote a significant amount of time and effort to research as well as to actual practice in order to acquire the level of expertise and knowledge required.

It is highly recommended that prior to engaging in the practice of candle reading, you first educate yourself on the many connotations associated with smoke, wax, and flame. This will allow you to more accurately comprehend the messages and portents that the candles wish to convey to you.

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