Dreams About Bears Chasing You: What Does It Mean?

Do you ever have dreams about bears chasing you? Did it happen once and leave you feeling shaken? Or is it a recurring dream that won’t leave you alone? Whatever your dream world is like, you’re not alone: dreaming about bears is a common phenomenon, especially when they chase you.

So what does a dream like this mean? We’ve gathered a list of 6 of the most common dreams about bears chasing you and their interpretations. What may have started off as a bad dream might be your mind trying to tell you something?

Keep reading to learn the surprise your psyche might be trying to communicate.

Meanings of Bears Chasing

1.     A Bear Chased Me and Bit Me

You’re running from a bear, but you just can’t run fast enough. Your legs feel like they’re trapped in quicksand, and the bear is closing in on you. Just when you think you’re about to get away, the bear jumps on you and takes a bite.

You wake up drenched in sweat, startled by the dream. Or, you wake up in your bed, but are unable to move due to sleep paralysis. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to experience sleep paralysis, this is one of the more common dreams you can have.

What it Means

Running is a prominent symbol in dreams. Running from something can signify the desire or attempt to escape from one’s problems. In this dream, an attempt to flee danger is only met by a bite from the bear.

Young scary man running away in dark forest.

This bite could be your psyche trying to warn you that running away from your problems could turn around to bite you in the end. Bottling up emotions or avoiding doing the necessary emotional labor in life can have vicious consequences.

If you dream about a bear chasing you only to bite you in the end, consider identifying any emotional trauma or circumstances you might be trying to run away from.

2.     I Owned a Pet Bear That Chased Me Away

Don’t knock this dream until you’ve had it. It turns out, dreaming about owning a pet bear is fairly common. The reason for this dream may stem from childhood memories of the circus. In any case, this dream can turn frighteningly fast if your beloved pet bear turns on you and bites you.

Common examples of this dream may include petting the bear when realizing it isn’t leashed, owning a bear that escapes its enclosure, or befriending a wild bear that winds up chasing you through the forest. This dream is especially nerve-wracking, since it involves a betrayal from a trusted figure in your dream world.

What it Means

Owning a bear can be symbolic of material desire and the chase for wealth. Your financial goals can be a massive beast, and even though they may appear tame, it may feel as if things are going to break at any second. This is a key interpretation of this dream.

Being chased by a pet bear can symbolize an attempt to control something that’s bothering you, but being unsuccessful in the process. While we can cage our emotions, they will always be wild and try to escape. Rather than lock your inner self down, it might be time to let your emotions run free.

3.     I Was Fighting a Bear When He Started Chasing Me and I Couldn’t Get Away

You’re on a camping trip when suddenly, you spot a bear in the distance. You have no time to flee. You come face to face with the bear and it’s aggressive. You try to make yourself look big and rely on adrenaline and instinct to stay alive.

You fight the bear and it turns into a daunting chase. You try to run, but your legs won’t carry you like they do in the waking world. Before you realize your fate, you wake up.

What it Means

Fighting a bear adds a different approach to the interpretation of this dream. In most instances, fighting a bear means that you’re doing the emotional work and tackling the most significant problems or obstacles in your life.

A woman winning and overcoming obstacles.

Alternatively, it can mean success is on the horizon. Being chased by the bear after a lengthy fight can indicate that the tide continues to ebb and flow, but soon it will turn. But if your chase culminates in a fight, this could be a cosmic sign that success is in the near future.

4.     I Was Trying to Hunt a Bear, But He Saw Me and Chased Me

You’re in the woods and see a bear in the perfect location. You take care to ensure you’re camouflaged and prepare to strike. Just as you lift your weapon, the bear makes eye contact with you.

Now, the thrill of the hunt has turned into the thrill of the chase. You run as fast as you can, but you can’t help but be disappointed that the tables have turned so quickly.

What it Means

In this dream, the tables turn, and that’s the core interpretation of this sequence of events. This dream may occur when you believe you have the upper hand on something but the situation quickly deteriorates. While this interpretation applies broadly to any circumstance, it can have romantic implications as well.

The person you’re attracted to may not be aware of your interest, but the tables could turn quite quickly. Even though you thought you wanted that person’s attention, you may find yourself running in the opposite direction once you receive it.

5.     A Bear Was Chasing Me, But He Stopped and Hugged Me

Not all dreams about bears chasing you end in a bad way. In some cases, a lengthy bear chase can end with a surprising twist: the bear backs down and reaches in for a hug. You feel enveloped in warmth as the bear holds you tight. You feel comforted by the giant creature, even though you were just at his mercy only a few moments prior.

What it Means

This is certainly one of the more bizarre dreams one can have involving a bear, but it isn’t any less common. Bears have long been associated with sleep and comfort, namely in the form of teddy bears.

A person running from a bear may symbolize running from one’s problems, but turning to embrace the bear, in the end, is indicative of resolution and emotional healing.

This action could also have a maternal significance as well. Bears typically only become aggressive around humans when there is food or cubs involved. This means that the bear could be a mother bear.

You run from the bear thinking she is upset with you, but you are only met by her loving embrace when you stop. Those with emotional trauma or distance regarding their mothers are more prone to have this dream.

6.     A Bear Was Chasing Me, but I Started Chasing Him Instead

You pace through the forest as you try to outrun and outsmart the bear. Somehow, your dream state shifts, and now it is you who is chasing after the bear. Although you aren’t sure why, you can’t seem to stop yourself. All you know is that you have to keep running and keep chasing or you’ll be the victim.

What it Means

This is another instance in which the tables turn, and this is very significant. Dreams are known to shift and reinvent themselves as time goes on, and this is a common happening in chasing/running dreams.

In many instances, this has positive implications. It could signify an important emotional victory and the conquering of a troubled past. It could also have negative implications, however, a person being chased who now becomes the chaser could be representative of the cycle of poverty, abuse, or neglect.

Sad teenage girl showing help word on her palm.

After years of living in such circumstances, you have suddenly switched roles and become the thing you feared most. This dream could be your inner intuition or the universe gently nudging you to examine your life in greater detail and end this cycle once and for all.

Making Sense of Your Dreams

Dreams about bears chasing you are more common than one might think. Some common dreams include being chased and bitten by a bear, being chased by a pet bear, fighting or hunting a bear (only to be chased), or even hugging a bear after a long chase sequence.

Each of these dreams has its own unique interpretation, but all have one common element: emotional freedom.

The giant beast chasing you is almost always representative of some sort of emotional trauma or present circumstance, and your mind is trying to rationalize this.

By understanding why you might be dreaming these images and drawing parallels to your waking life, you can make the necessary changes to achieve what you desire most.

Have you ever dreamed about being chased by a bear? What connections did you make to this dream? Let us know in the comments below!

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