Dreaming Dog Poop: What Does It Mean?

Have you been dreaming about a dog pooping? When you see a dog pooping you probably think it is gross. You are also thinking that this means you are just a piece of crap. Perhaps you are in a crappy situation.

Poop is not a conversation starter, that is for sure. Although, in actuality, it is not like that. Your dream is not poop related at all. There are many meanings behind a dream of a dog pooping. They are not initially bad either. There are actually good things that come with dreaming of dog pooping.

Most important thing is that it means change. All sorts of change. I want to go over with all of you a few specific meanings that can be derived from dreaming of a dog pooping.

Down below are some reasons you could be dreaming of a dog pooping.

Dreaming of Dog Pooping Meaning

Major Changes Ahead

Dreaming of a dog pooping can mean that there are changes that are coming to you. Perhaps your outlook on life is changing or the way you think or your attitude towards the people in your life.

Relationships also change constantly. Maybe your relationship with your significant other is changing. The feelings that were there are not there anymore or maybe your spark is reigniting. It could be you do not like change and you are trying to control all of it, just let go and let it in.

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Not all changes are bad, changes can be good for you too. Embrace the new incoming changes that are happening in your life, just like a dog embraces the time has come to poop.


Your dreams could be a warning from your subconscious. Deep down you are sending yourself signals in a form of a dog pooping. Maybe you are unconsciously making some bad decisions and letting your ego and lack of self-control get in the way of important things around you.

Your subconscious is trying to warn you to pay more attention to how your actions make people feel. Maybe some of the things you are doing make people uncomfortable, and deep down, you know this, just like how watching a dog poop would make you feel uncomfortable.

Dreaming of it makes you feel uncomfortable, causing you not to sleep well. Thus signaling you that your subconscious is forewarning you of things to come.

Cleaning up

When you see your dog pooping, what do you do after they are done? The answer: you clean it up. You could be having a hard time keeping things clean or maybe you have a messy life. Your dream could be you need to start cleaning up after yourself.

You might be leaving things behind when you take them out. Perhaps you cooked last night and did not clean the kitchen. You might be putting an inconvenience on the people that you live with. Causing a mess with the people around you, literally and figuratively.

Your life could be cluttered with absolute nonsense. Trying cleaning up after yourself. Declutter your life, paving the way to clean up the relationships with the people around you.


One of the causes of dreaming of a dog pooping could be that you are under tremendous stress. It could be that you have had some loss in your life and you are grieving. Maybe your life is not going the way you want, your job is not working out, or the house you really needed has been sold.

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Something is wrong and you are taking on all the stress because you can not control the outcome of the situation you are in. Life is unpredictable and so is the dog. You can not control a dog pooping and you cannot control every life situation that goes wrong. You need to release that stress just like the dog releases its poop.


Perhaps you have done something in your life and you have wronged someone. This dream is showing you that you are hiding something and it is about to come to light. Perhaps you have wronged someone and you are feeling guilty about it. You need to tell this person and let them know before it becomes a “crappy” situation.

This dream is letting you know that you have pooped on someone or wronged someone and need to make it right. Like how the dog in your dream has pooped somewhere it should not, perhaps in a neighbor’s yard, and you need to make it right. You should make the situation right before you make the mistake of not doing anything.

Good luck

Have you ever thought that it’s good the dog is pooping? Well, it is. Seeing a dog poop is not ideal, but it is good that he is pooping. So, you can think of the dog pooping your dream as a sign of good luck headed your way, that there is something good coming into your life.

Maybe there is a promotion that you got your eye on, perhaps you will receive some sort of blessing. Like, say you were in an accident and things could end badly but this is a sign of good luck that you surely come out unscathed.

If you have nothing happening in your life for any of the other reasons expect dog poop luck coming your way.


Contrary to thought, dog pooping could signify an increase in funds. You could be up for an increase in your paycheck. Shoot, you might win the lottery, you could win ten dollars off a scratch ticket or you could get the new job that you applied for if you do not have one.

Saying wealthy people often think rich, but even a slight increase is definitely good. I am not saying that dreaming of dog pooping is going to make you rich. People do often compare money with pooping. So, you can see money signs in the pooping of the dog, if only just slightly.


There could be some things that are changing in your life and you are having trouble adapting to the situation. There are many things that could get thrown your way and you need to be able to adapt to any situation that you are in.

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At any time and at any place you need to be able to access the situation and adjust yourself to the situation. I’m not saying change your personality or who you are, just make yourself open to interpretation, just like how the dog poops anywhere at any time. You need to adjust to that.


If you can smell the dog that is pooping, then I can say something smells amiss. Something is up in your life, someone in your life is up to something. There are many things that could be going on. Your subconscious is trying to tell you that something is not right.

You need to pay attention to the people around you. You might want to see who you are letting in, they might not be good for you. Do not put yourself in danger of being taken advantage of. Trust your intuition that something does not smell right. Dog poop definitely does not.


Dreaming of dog pooping could signify that you have some pent-up frustration you holding on to a lot of emotions and you are straining in your life. If the dog is having a hard time pooping, he is straining to get it all out. Just like you, find a way to release it.

With the frustration and the straining you might need a little time, take a walk and breathe. Talk to someone if you need to, you might need a little help getting through it. Sometimes you just have to slow down and take your time, just like with the dog, he is straining, but he is taking his time and doing what he has to pass the poop.

Life decisions

Dog pooping in your dream could signify the need to clean out your life. You have some tough life decisions you are in need of making and you need to step up and start making those decisions. You might be contemplating whether or not you need to leave a toxic relationship.

Perhaps you have a job offer and you are in between leaving a place that you are comfortable with and the other is better pay and better opportunities for you. These decisions are a crossroads and very important. These are life decisions you are making.

This could mean you need to clean up your act and do what is good for you even still you have to clean up that dog poop.


What if your dog is pooping out in public in your dream. It could mean that you have peace of mind. That dog is okay pooping in public. It does not bother them that they are being watched as you are not bothered by what people think of you.

You are different and people judge you. You see this but it does not bother you one bit. You have high self-esteem and no one can bring you down, you are at peace with yourself and how you present yourself and you know what that’s okay. That dog sure is not bothered by pooping out in the public.

Throwing away money

If you dreamed of a dog pooping and threw it away, it could show that you are being wasteful with your money. Basically just throwing it away as did with the dog’s poop. I think we have discussed people see poop as money in dreams.

So, if you did this, then you might want to check your finances. See what you are doing with your money. There is definitely a lot of reckless spending going on. You could possibly be saving so much but you are throwing it in the trash with the dog’s poop.

Playing around

Did the dog play with its poop after it was done? Your life might be full of playfulness and your just not taking it seriously. You are just cruising through life and not paying attention to the things or people around you.

You need to slow down and take your life seriously. You are gonna miss out on things that happen in your life. Do not go overboard and take things with a needle and thread, but seriously be a bit more serious. Do not be the dog playing with its own poop.


If the dog is pooping everywhere, there is a possibility of growth in your life. You could be growing as a person, changing and becoming a better person in turn. There could be an increase in the love in your life or an increase in the size of your family. This growth will definitely benefit you.

All this growth is just adding to the growth in your happiness. You could also see a growth in money as well. Something in your life will have significant growth. Anything you can have growth, but the most important thing is if there is a lot of poop then a lot of growth in happiness for you.

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Wrapping Up

So, If you are dreaming of dog pooping there are many things to look for. Pay attention to the surroundings, the poop, the dog, and how much. They all hold meaning for the dream. As you can see there are many different meanings behind this dream.

Yeah talking about a dog pooping is not what you want to read about, but if that were true you would not be here. You dreamed of a dog pooping and I have given you some things to think about, that could be behind this dream.

The most significant thing I can tell you is that a definite change is headed your way. Whether it be relationships, money, situations, or health, it will be a change.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and let me help you have a better understanding of dreaming of dog pooping. I hope you had fun and perhaps even laughed. Thank you.

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