Meaning Of Tarantulas In Dreams? Here Are 7 Dreams And Their Meaning

Have you seen a tarantula lurking around you? Well, it may be terrifying to see one while you are peacefully having a casual “me” time in your backyard.

The spiders have been interpreted differently in many cultures, which may be both a positive or a negative message to anyone who sees them. For some, it may be a symbol of good luck, creativity, patience, and hard work.

It may also be interpreted as a sign of deceit, anger, and fear. Nonetheless, whatever message it may have for us, our natural response is still to run away from it.

But what about if it still haunts you at night? Not in your bed, but in your dreams. What if a tarantula starts chasing you and there’s nowhere to hide? What if you killed a tarantula in your dreams?

These and many more will be revealed as we proceed to interpret dreams about tarantulas and their meanings.

Dreams About Tarantulas And What They Could Mean

1.     Seeing a tarantula in your dream

Seeing a tarantula in your dreams may mean that there is a certain person in your life, may it be your friend, family member, or co-worker, who is not trustworthy.

This person may show that he or she cares about what you are going through in life, but in reality, he or she does not care at all and may want to see you miserable in life. This untrustworthy person creates an illusion that he is there when you are in need, but he does not want to help you at all.

Similarly, if your dreams about tarantulas become more often and they’re crawling on your body, this means that you are not in the right environment to seek growth and development.

Disappointed woman ignored by her friends.

Tarantulas crawling on your body indicate that you are being consumed by people who are untrustworthy, dishonest, and have ill feelings towards you when you are doing well in life.

Positively, it can also mean that you have a strong support system from your family and friends. Having them by your side will help you build a stable career in life. If you have a person or a group of people that come to mind as you read this interpretation, they may be the tarantulas in your dream.

However, we must still be responsible for the people we are going to cut off from our lives because our guts cannot be accurate all the time. It is still important that we remember what we have done in the past, causing these people to act in a certain way.

2.     Being bitten or stung by a tarantula in your dream

When your dreams about tarantulas are aggressive, like biting or stinging you, it may mean that you have a problem with your attitude. This attitude has caused your family and friends to feel indifferent about you, and it is causing them to dodge any interaction with you.

It means that you have something to work on within yourself to be a better friend, family member, or co-worker. It also indicates that at some point in your life, you have talked maliciously about someone or have over-criticized them for whatever they do.

Sometimes, this dream may be interpreted differently. This dream can also mean that a certain someone is intentionally causing you to get into trouble. This someone creates problems to delay your success. That is why it is important for you to ask yourself who could be that person who does not want you to grow.

Lastly, being bitten or stung by a tarantula can mean that you are in an emotionally trapped situation, causing you to experience stress and anxiety. Being trapped in any form is a threat to your happiness and success in life. It means that you are failing in life, but that does not mean that there’s no way out.

3.     Killing a tarantula in your dream

Killing a tarantula in your dreams may indicate that you will win over the challenges in life or whatever keeps you from being trapped and not being able to move forward in life.

This may mean that you have already cut off a person who has been dishonest to you or that you are able to get out of the toxic environment in your workplace. This means that you are about to be victorious in life, as removing deceit and dishonesty can bring you good luck and abundance.

On the other hand, a different interpretation of this dream is that your decisions are having a big impact on your life. It is important that you are being careful when deciding, as it can lead you to bigger problems, losses, and financial difficulties in your life.

A couple making an argument.

4.     Dreaming about a small and a big tarantula

This dream’s interpretation depends on the size of the tarantula you encountered in your dream. If a small tarantula appears, it means that you have difficulty dealing with your past mistakes and tend to do them again.

This scenario that you are in may also be the reason why you are not moving forward with your life. You may also encounter problems in the near future.

On the other hand, having a big tarantula in your dream may have both a positive and a negative meaning.

First, a big tarantula showing up in your dream may indicate that you need to be bolder with what life has to offer. It prepares you for bigger obstacles you will encounter and conquer soon if you only condition yourself to be better, and that your potential is limitless.

On a negative note, dreaming about a big tarantula can also mean that you are not mature enough to think before reacting to an issue. It means that you let the minor inconveniences in your life consume your positive aura. This can also mean that you may be exaggerating things more often.

5.     Domesticating a tarantula in your dream

If you are keeping a tarantula as a pet in your dream, it is a good indication of growth and development. It means that new opportunities await as you start your new beginning.

It may be you are going to be hired for a new job, a new romantic relationship, new people that you will encounter in life, or many more. This may indicate that you will be happier in life than your previous one.

6.     Seeing a tarantula in a jar in your dream

This is a bad sign for you, as a tarantula in a jar indicates that many people will be jealous of you and your success in life. They will try to pull you down and discredit your hard work. They will do anything to make you feel that you are not doing well.

The jealousy of the people around you may become the reason for your failure in one of your goals, as they will limit it by creating more problems or maybe gossiping about you to ruin your image. It feels like you are in the middle of a web of lies and deceit that you need to get out of to grow.

Office worker applauding an employee’s promotion.

7.     Being chased by a tarantula in your dream

This dream symbolizes that negative energy has already consumed your life and it is getting difficult for you to move forward. It is important that you recognize this dream and be able to figure out how to turn things around.

Moreover, it can also be a problem when it comes to maturity. It may indicate that a person should behave maturely in life, as childishness will not get you anywhere. Your childish acts will only put you in a stagnant place as it seems that you are not willing to grow and learn from your mistakes.

What Do Spiders Mean Spiritually in Dreams

When it comes to dreams, spiders tend to be one of the more commonly feared creatures. People often dream of spiders because they are afraid of them in real life. What does this fear mean spiritually? What do spiders represent in dreams?

There is no one answer to this question since dreams can be interpreted in many ways. However, some believe that spiders generally symbolize something creepy, dangerous, or unwanted. They might represent some aspect of ourselves that we find repulsive or frightening.

Alternatively, spiders could also signify something invading our personal space, or something that is crawling on us and making us feel uncomfortable.

On a more positive note, spiders might also represent our ability to be creative and resourceful. Spiders are known for their intricate webs, which can be seen as a metaphor for the way we weave our lives together. They can also indicate that we are “spinning” something new in our lives, or that we are in the process of creating something beautiful.

Ultimately, the meaning of spiders in dreams will depend on our own experiences, beliefs, and feelings. If we are afraid of spiders in real life, they will likely represent something negative for us in a dream.

However, if we see them as harmless creatures or even as symbols of strength and power, then that is what they will mean for us in our dreams.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Giant Spider?

A giant spider could symbolize a lot of things to people. People might have a natural fear of spiders and have nightmares about them. They could have arachnophobia, which is a common occurrence for people.

Go to a specialist to determine whether the people really do have these nightmares. They can ascertain what dreams actually mean for people these days. That is a common incidence and could impact the rest of one’s life. That is why a lot of people ask that question as well. They ought to learn more from a trained specialist in real time too.

The next step will be merely learning more about the nightmare itself. Ask others and get input as soon as possible. That is a surefire way to get support from the right people. The people want a chance to learn more about dreams and how to proceed.


As you lie tonight in your bed and dream about one of these, take it as a sign that the universe wants to send you a message and the tarantula materializes to be the reminder or the warning.

It may be one of the most bizarre scenarios you could ever dream of, but believing these dreams about tarantulas may save you from the pitfalls of your life only if you will listen.

Moreover, the interpretations above may sound negative, but they are actually self-evaluations of how your life has been doing. You may be forgetting how you are doing in life, and these tarantulas visited to get you reminded.

Above all, there’s nothing wrong with believing in these interpretations, especially if you really are looking for answers to your dreams. We hope that this article has opened your mind to the possibilities that your dreams about tarantulas may have for you.

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