What Does It Mean When You See A Shooting Star: Complete Guide

Getting a glimpse of shooting stars is often a rare phenomenon. The observer feels intrigued, and lucky, and asks, “What does it mean to see a shooting star?” This fascination is transmitted throughout ancient and modern history and is associated with deep spiritual meanings.

It is scientifically proven that what we call “shooting stars” are in fact meteoroids and not stars. However, this could be one of those instances when ignorance might be bliss, especially if we intend to preserve our beliefs in shooting stars. This phenomenon has stories, superstitions, and myths attributed to it over centuries.

Your curiosity might be piqued high enough to ask. “What does it mean when you see a shooting star?”

What Does a Shooting Star Symbolize?

In ancient periods, there was a deep connection between nature and the universe. The heavens and stars are looked at for signs and clues to predict the future, largely due to the absence of technology.

Nonetheless, in both the ancient period and modern culture, shooting stars have often been associated with good tidings and omens. So, you shouldn’t think the advent of technology in the modern era will be the end of beliefs in shooting stars, rather it endures till today.

Due to how rare the shooting star phenomenon is, it is often associated with significant changes, although often good ones. While different cultures across different epochs have associated different meanings with shooting stars, here are five meanings a shooting star symbolizes.

1.     Significant Change

Due to the rarity and also beauty of a shooting star, experiencing it means a significant change is about to happen in your life.

It also means having the courage to make that significant change in your life, especially if you are indecisive about a course of action. It gives you the courage to make that big decision with the strong belief that the choice you are making is the right one.

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The universe always communicates with us, provided we are willing to listen, see and interpret the signs. A shooting star is a symbol that a big change is about to happen in an important aspect of your life. It could either be during difficult times or not.

Nonetheless, it comes with hopes of a bigger, better future. It can be in your relationship, career, finances, or other important areas. The shooting stars serve as the universe’s way of telling you that you are seen and aren’t alone. It promises a significant change in your life, big enough to transform your life for good.

2.     Love

We all want to love and be loved. We want reassurance that we will eventually find our love or soulmate, or that the person we are currently seeing is the love of our lives.

Irrespective of your relationship status, one of the meanings a shooting star symbolizes is love. This attributed meaning to shooting stars is present not only in modern cultures but also in ancient ones.

If you are single, seeing a shooting star reassures you and gives you a strong conviction that you won’t be single for long, and very soon you will meet that special one.

On the other hand, if you are in a romantic relationship, seeing a shooting star, especially with your partner, further strengthens the belief that he or she is the one.

The fact that shooting stars have been attributed to signifying love shouldn’t mean taking your partner outside every night in search of shooting stars. The randomness of the phenomenon is what gives it its power.

3.     Sign from Departed Loved Ones

There are moments when the heart hurts and cries for departed loved ones every time they are thought about. A shooting star during the immediate loss of loved ones indicates that their soul is still around and they are not totally gone.

In addition, while thinking about them, if you see a shooting star, this signifies that you shouldn’t feel alone and sad, because a part of them, their soul, is still around. Shooting stars are their way of communicating, hoping that your saddened heart will be less troubled.

A woman looks sad and missing someone.

Shooting stars have been believed over thousands of years, in different cultures, to be a sign of departed souls of loved ones. Although physically dead, their soul remains. A shooting star is a sign that you can still connect with them. The sign hopes to ease hurting hearts and is a reminder that they still watch over us, thus giving solace.

4.     Fertility

Fertility has been associated with shooting stars across different cultures in the world. In ancient cultures, shooting stars were believed to be human souls. They could be the souls of dead loved ones giving reassurance to those they left behind, new souls about to be birthed, or old souls to be reincarnated.

If you are pregnant or trying for one, seeing a shooting star is a sign from the universe that very soon you will be a caregiver to a new human life.

If you are pregnant, seeing a shooting star when you are alone or with your partner means your child will successfully come into the world and there won’t be complications.

On the other hand, if you have been trying to have a child, seeing a shooting star means your attempt will be fruitful. It is the universe’s way of telling you that a new life will be coming into your life soon.

5.     Success

At an early age when farming was a means of survival and a way of life, a shooting star signifies a great and bountiful harvest. Today, witnessing a shooting star doesn’t only signify a great harvest, but that success, fortune, or good luck is on its way.

There are moments when you probably feel lost and alone, with no help or recourse on how to proceed. So, you lie down on a star-filled night, lost in your thoughts. For a moment, your gaze is fixed on the heavens and stars, and you forget about your worries.

Stargazing woman and night sky.

Then you witness a shooting star, a remarkable phenomenon that makes your problem seem pale in comparison. In this situation, witnessing a shooting star is a response to your troubles and worries. It signifies that success, good luck, and fortune are coming into your life.

Superstitions About Shooting Stars

Shooting star superstitions may not be as old as man’s, but they have been around for thousands of years. There are different cultural superstitions around shooting stars in ancient history and today, some of which will be highlighted.

1.     Wishes coming true

This is one of the oldest beliefs in shooting stars, which is still present today. Shooting stars are believed to be a sign from the gods in early cultures and also in recent beliefs. Hence, if you make a wish when you see a shooting star, it is believed that it will come to pass.

When you witness this cosmic phenomenon, close your eyes and make a wish with all your heart. There are other cultural beliefs that a pure heart is needed for a wish to be heard and granted.

Regardless of whether you have a pure heart or not strong belief is a key ingredient in having your wish granted. If you have just the right amount of genuine belief, the falling star might just grant you that wish.

2.     A Beginning or End Sign

In ancient Greek, shooting stars were believed to represent the end of something great. This could mean the end of an era or the death of a great person. Conversely, in some cultures, like the ancient Romans, it signifies the birth of a great figure, one who will be the beginning of a new era.

Whether it is the beginning or end of an event or a great person, it is a significant event according to the shooting star.

3.     Signs from Gods

The remarkability of a shooting star has made gods associated with it in early history. It is interpreted to mean signs of the activities of gods. It was theorized by a Greek astronomer in the 2nd century to signify a sign of the god’s acknowledgment of human presence on earth.

Classical Greek figures.

It has also been associated with being the gods’ way of communicating with humans. In Greek mythology, shooting stars also have similar references to gods. In this instance, a shooting star falling from the sky signifies the tears of gods or goddesses crying over their lost loves.

4.     Sailors or Voyagers’ Good Luck Charm

The alignment of stars and the interpretation from reading them has been used to foretell the future by early people and today’s astrologers. It is used by sailors to foretell future weather, and as a compass to navigate to destinations. A shooting star, to them, represents a successful expedition.

5.     Returning Souls

The human soul has been associated with shooting stars in many beliefs and cultures. Some cultures believe that shooting stars are souls that escaped purgatory, reincarnating to fulfill a destiny they didn’t fulfill in their last life. Some cultures just believe in the reincarnation of souls, with shooting stars representing their rebirths.

Is It Good Luck To See A Shooting Star?

Throughout history, shooting stars have often been associated with good omens and rarely represent anything bad. So, seeing a shooting star is often seen as a sign of good luck.

It is difficult to see a shooting star when you plan to find it, but the magical ones will always find you in times of need. Seeing a shooting star is a special moment, the universe’s way of telling you that you aren’t alone.

Wishing on shooting stars is believed to bring good luck. You aren’t only lucky to witness a shooting star, but it also comes with good luck to the observer. While shooting stars are often associated with good luck, here is one meaning that isn’t entirely good luck:

End of Something

Depending on your understanding or situation, a shooting star could either represent the end of something bad, or something good. Nonetheless, there are moments in ancient history when it signifies the end of an era or a prominent figure.

Here are some points to prove that seeing a shooting star is a sign of good luck.

A woman wishing good luck with fingers crossed.

Granting of Wishes

The power of the universe to grant wishes through shooting stars shows how lucky you can be to see a shooting star and make a wish.

Symbol of Love, Success, Miracle, and Luck

A shooting star symbolizes promises of good things to come. It would only be ironic if something that brings love, fertility, or success was anything other than a sign of good luck.

The Beginning of a New Life

Seeing a shooting star when you are pregnant or hoping for a child symbolizes fertility and promises of a new life. It shouldn’t be something to dread, but one that brings good luck. So, if you see a shooting star, make a wish!

Gives Hope

Religion might be the opium of the masses, but a shooting star isn’t far from giving hope to people. To all troubled or hopeful hearts, shooting stars have a way of giving you hope. Hope for better and happier days.

Gives Reassurance

The universe cares, you just have to listen. The shooting stars are one of the ways the universe communicates with you, but only if you pay attention to the signs. Loved ones who have passed on can communicate with you through a shooting star. It can ease your grief at a loss.


Witnessing a shooting star takes more than just planning; it takes a great deal of luck. This makes it a phenomenon of deep spiritual significance. It symbolizes hope, reassurance, and good luck. When you experience one, your worries are eased, dilemmas solved, and resolve strengthened.

The phenomenon of being extraordinary has led to superstitions and myths being attached to it in both ancient and modern cultures. While shooting stars might signify omens like the end of an era, they often symbolize good luck.

Witnessing this phenomenon is often a sign of good luck. So, always hope a shooting star finds you and brings good luck to you.

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