Review Guidelines

At MySpiritSphere, our primary aim is to offer in-depth, honest, and reliable insights into various spiritual topics that deeply affect our lives, such as the meanings behind certain dreams or waking times. These guidelines are in place to establish a framework that ensures our content is not only trustworthy but also beneficial for our readers in their spiritual journeys. We understand the importance of a well-researched, nuanced approach to discussing these matters, which are often subjective yet deeply personal.

What We Do

Consultation with Spiritual Guides and Experts

Our first step in creating reliable content involves consulting with spiritual guides, psychologists, and other experts in the field to offer you a balanced perspective.

In-depth Research

We dig deep into ancient texts, modern interpretations, and real-life testimonials to provide an extensive background for the topics we discuss.

Psychological and Sociocultural Context

We consult scientific literature on the psychology of dreams, the body’s internal clock, and other relevant topics to offer a well-rounded view.

Regulatory Advice

While there are no governmental bodies that regulate spiritual advice, we strive to follow ethical guidelines and culturally accepted norms when crafting our content.


Community Feedback

We take into account real-life testimonials and experiences shared within our active community when creating our reviews or recommendations.

Hands-on Practices

Our team members often engage in the practices or methodologies we discuss to offer a first-hand review.

Brand History

We often look into the history of various spiritual practices, philosophies, and schools of thought. We also analyze the reputation and credibility of cited experts or endorsed products.

Quality & Safety

Factual Accuracy

We cross-reference our information to ensure what we publish is based on credible sources or established spiritual philosophies.

Ethical Safeguards

We ensure that any recommended practices are ethically sound and do not promote harmful behaviors.

Pricing and Positioning

We understand that spiritual journeys are personal and can be pursued in a variety of financial circumstances. Therefore, when applicable, we offer advice or product recommendations that cater to a range of budgets.


Given the digital nature of our platform, we strive to produce content that is universally accessible.

What We Don’t Do


We do not write reviews in exchange for monetary compensation. Any sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such.


We never ignore proven, reliable data or advice, and always strive to offer well-rounded perspectives.

Ethical Concerns

We steer clear of recommending practices that are ethically dubious or that involve harm to oneself or others. We also avoid diving into speculative or pseudo-scientific theories without a critical assessment.

By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to be your trusted go-to resource for all your spiritual queries and explorations. Thank you for being part of our community.