1818 Angel Number Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever experienced numbers you were previously unaware of beginning to suddenly appear with an increased frequency everywhere you turn? Is it a mere coincidence to see the numbers 11:11 or 5:55 flash across your cell phone screen randomly reaching for your cell phone?

Have you marveled or questioned the repetition of the numerals, or wondered about their significance? You may have heard that such repeating numerals are called Angel Numbers.

The following is a concise definition of Angel Numbers: “A specific number, set of numbers, or series of numbers that repeatedly show up in a person’s life, carrying a specific spiritual meaning associated with it.”

Has angel number 1818 ever appeared to you? Is that a good sign or a bad omen? What are its meaning and symbolism? It may have appeared but went unnoticed. One must be attentive and in tune with Divine forces to notice an angel number.

Meaning And Symbolism of Angel Number 1818:

The 1818 angel number comprises two powerful angel numbers, the number one and the number eight, where each number is repeated twice. Thus, the power of each number can be seen to be amplified.

To understand the meaning of angel number 1818, one must first know and understand the meaning and symbolism of its components, namely the number one and the number eight.

ANGEL NUMBER ONE: Symbolizes New Beginnings, Leadership, Achievement, and Success

Your spirit guardian(s) will send you a message using the number one when they want to prepare you for imminent changes; encourage you to visualize your inner desires and wants (e.g. goals), and show you how to accomplish these goals.

Thus, if you know what you want and how to get what you want, you will be unstoppable and unbeatable.

ANGEL NUMBER 8: Symbolizes Power and Good Judgment

The message sent by the spirit guardians through the number 8 is that provided you continue to work hard, and are serious about your goals, the spirit guardians will endow you with the power of good judgment.

The number 8 is also considered to be a lucky number, particularly in Chinese culture. It has perfect symmetry and symbolizes balance. As such, it emphasizes the maxim that one reaps what one sows.

Thus, while number one may encourage one to take the first step as with new beginnings, number 8 may help one to endure all difficulties. Therefore, to have the number 1 and 8 combined and repeated to form the angel number 1818 highlights its meaning and symbolism that positive changes and success are on the horizon.

A woman expressing positivity and joy.

This could take the form of a lucky windfall, or a new successful career path. To ride the wave of success, one has only to visualize one’s goals and apply 100% effort to realize and accomplish the goals without fear. The message from the 1818 angel number is that even if there is risk involved, it will be well worth the risk.

Thus, with insight and knowledge of what you want and how to accomplish it, nothing can stop you! With Divine forces and celestial beings behind you, you will soar like an eagle and achieve success.

Other components of angel number 1818 include:

NUMBER 18 Symbolizes Positivity and Encouragement: Our guardian angels encourage us to use the positivity of angel number 18 to accomplish amazing things.

NUMBER 81 Symbolizes Path of Progress: When angel number 81 appears in your life, this is your guardian angel encouraging you to follow the right path and assuring you support and guidance.

NUMBER 181 Symbolizes and Announces the Ending of Something in One’s Life: The guardian angel’s message is that life is about to change, but that your guardian angel will be with you every step of the way.

NUMBER 818 Symbolizes Prosperity and Abundance: The message from your guardian angel announces a very positive period in your life with a lot of opportunities to be successful.

Furthermore, seen from the perspective of numerology, angel number 1818 reveals that “your spiritual body is ready to regenerate your physical body”.

Through numerology, we’re further enlightened with the knowledge that angel number 1818 may be transposed as 1(81)8, the “inner body, signifying a physical body turned inside out. So, everything you see outside you will meet inside you when you die or while you sleep”.

What Does It Mean If You See Angel Number 1818?

The numbers 1 and 8 are spiritually significant in themselves. However, seeing it combined and repeated in angel number 1818, signifies that the spirit guardians are sending you a message to announce that big, momentous changes or a once-in-a-lifetime event are on their way.

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Angel Number 1818 encourages you to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and start focusing on your goal. The spirit guardians will motivate, help, support, and encourage you to achieve your goals.

Angel number 1818 signifies positive energy so you should endeavor to take risks, put fear aside, make progress, and achieve success. When the going gets tough and you feel like giving up, the positive energy of angel number 1818 will motivate and lift you, so you can achieve more. It will encourage you, so you exert 100% effort to achieve your goal

When the going gets tough and you feel like giving up, the positive energy of angel number 1818 will motivate and lift you, so you can achieve more. It will encourage you, so you exert 100% effort to achieve your goal.

The 1818 angel number is a highly complex angel number, being comprised of several angel numbers, some of which are repeated (e.g. 1, 8, and 18).

Consequently, several different meanings may be associated with the angel number 1818. However, its power and vibrational energy may derive from its complexity and combinatorial angel numbers.

The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 1818

Angel number 1818 is powerful because it combines the energies of several angel numbers, namely 1, 8, 18, 81, 181, and 818. These cumulatively encompass the following:

  • A motivational pull to strive for change and progress (angel number 1);
  • Gifted with the power of good judgment by guardian angels, success is readily within reach (angel number 8);
  • A positive mindset and faith in the Divine motivate one to accomplish great things through angel number 18 (angel number 18);
  • Guided by guardian angels to follow the right path and the path of progress (angel number 81);
  • A message from guardian angels that change is imminent so one must adapt to conquer challenges (angel number 181);
  • A message of prosperity and abundance from guardian angels, announcing a very positive period ahead (angel number 818).

Spiritually, the message from the spirit guardians may be that this is the right time to take risks without fear of failure to accomplish your goals and achieve success.

Further, Angel numbers and numerology are closely intertwined and both date back to ancient times. Numerology tells us that angel number 1818 reduces to 1 +8+1 +8 = 18=1+8=9.

This signifies that “your spiritual body is ready to regenerate your physical body, and the higher energy you have, the faster the regeneration goes, and you don’t get older”.

A young man endures a challenging act.

Thus, your guardian angel through angel number 1818 confers longevity, the ability to be rarely sick, and to endure and withstand stressful and destructive environments.

It is noteworthy that the 1818 angel number has religious and spiritual overtones. If you’re repeatedly seeing this angel number (e.g. 18:18), your guardian angel may be trying to send you a message of “wisdom, enlightenment, knowledge, and strength”. If you’re on a spiritual journey, the guardian angel may be trying to give you a sign that they will be there to support and guide you.

While our guardian angels are ready and available to provide guidance and support, it is important that we maintain a healthy and active spiritual life so that we are in sync with the Divine forces. This will position us to see the angel numbers when they appear, and receive the messages they bring from our guardian angels.

Angel Number 1818 – In Friendship

Have you ever wondered if your friend(s) are genuine, true, and faithful? If you should happen to see the 1818 angel number while with a friend(s), that could be a sign from the spirit angels that the friend(s) have a good heart(s), are pure, and are indeed worthy of your trust.

Similarly, when it comes to love and relationships, the 1818 angel number relates to new love and new beginnings. Seeing angel number 1818 serves as a reminder to be open and receptive to the possibility of connecting with a lifelong partner or soulmate. It is a message from the spirit angels to prepare you for an imminent strong attraction with someone.

However, seeing angel number 1818 while with your partner may be a sign of harmony and being well-matched. This can serve to reassure you of a match made in heaven! It is quite common for guardian angels to envelop one with their loving energy so physical love is manifested at the right time with the right person.

Angel Number 1818 – Biblical Meaning

Angel numbers can be traced to Christian Gnostics and mystics who attached great spiritual significance to numbers. They believed that angels could deliver messages to people through numbers, hence the association of angels and numbers, e g. angel numbers.

From a biblical perspective, the 1818 angel number signifies the victory of good over evil. Seeing the 1818 angel number may be a message from guardian angels announcing your imminent victory in a battle fraught with agony and pain.

Despite great pain and suffering you persevered, emerging faithful and triumphant. Consequently, God would reward you with a magnificent gift.

Angel number 1818 has also been seen to symbolize bondage and being subsequently freed from such bondage. This is exemplified by the slavery of the Israelites until they were subsequently freed by God.


Angel numbers reveal a lot about our lives and how to communicate with higher forces. They protect, guide, and encourage us. Angel numbers reveal themselves to us when we need support and guidance. However, to be aware of their presence, we must be attentive, have faith, and be in sync with the Divine forces.

The 1818 angel number has a very powerful energy vibration, being comprised of the energies of several angel numbers selected from numbers 1, 8, 18, 81, 181, and 818. When you see angel number 1818, it means your guardian angels want you to work on your goals and achieve everything you ever wanted in life.

Thus, if you have faith, a positive mindset, are a risk-taker and believe in the Divine, your guardian angels and the Divine forces will support and encourage you every step of the way to achieve your goals. They will be the wind at your back, spurring you to glory and success!

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