What Does It Mean When You Dream About Stabbing Someone?

We all have had weird dreams at one point in time. As humans, we like to assign meaning to everything: random astronomical patterns, lucky charms that are supposed to help us win the lottery, and even our own dreams, which are very just bizarre images arising from our subconscious while in a deep slumber wonderland.

But could dreams possibly have tangible connections to reality? It is good to think that the answer is yes, especially when we dream positive dreams. But how about dreams such as…stabbing someone?

What Does It Mean To Stab Someone In A Dream?

Before anything else is said, dreaming about stabbing someone isn’t such an unlikely possibility. Many of us have had such a dream, whether some of us like to admit it or not (Nobody ‘likes’ to admit that they stabbed someone in a dream?)

Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop us from being curious as to why it happens. Here are some ‘possible’ meanings to having a dream about stabbing someone.

Whether dreams having real meanings is rooted in science or mere pure speculation, trying to decode them does not fail to entertain us. Personally, I enjoy ascribing to the thought that dreams are how our lives look in an alternate reality.

But there are certainly some dreams that nobody would ever wish in a million lifetime to be the truth in any reality where they live in. Dreams like… stabbing someone.

A young woman having a nightmare.

1.     You are feeling anxious in an aggressive manner about someone’s behavior

Sometimes the answer to certain questions are right in front of our noses, but we are too embarrassed to take them as the truth, especially when it is personal. Who likes to admit to being an aggressive, hostile person? Nobody! But our psyches weren’t designed to evolve as fully rational beings.

When somebody irks us, we can’t rationalize our way to being calm all of the time. Sometimes people get on our nerves, and they stay there until we express that emotion, consciously or unconsciously.

It is important to remember that our minds like to play games with us. Having a thought, even such a detailed one that it temporarily becomes our reality while asleep doesn’t make us bad people.

It is also much more important that while awake, we digest negative emotions properly and take healthy approaches to let out our frustrations so that nobody gets accidentally stabbed in our dreams at 2 am in the morning.

2.     You feel (or will be) betrayed

Feeling betrayed is painful. Painful in the same sense as having a knife twisted around your gut. There’s no denying it. As a wise man once said, “The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies, it comes from those you trust the most.” And he’s painfully, grudgingly correct.

Stabbing someone in a dream might be a premonition of a betrayal to come. Oddly enough, people seem to have an innate intuition about who is about to betray them, and it turns out to be correct at times.

Dreams sometimes represent our innate intuitions, and the fear of being betrayed is not unlikely to translate into a hostile act we commit inside our dreams. Interestingly, the opposite could be the answer as to why we have such dreams. We might feel the urge to betray someone in reality, as grim and foul as it may be.

People like to play victim, but nobody likes to credit themselves as being the culprit, but our lives aren’t a movie, and we find ourselves from time to time doing infamous deeds, like betraying friends or family.

Still, an urge does not carry the same weight as an act, and a good sense of self-control should be enough to stop us from doing mistakes we will later regret.

3.     You are desperate for love and affection from someone

We’ve all seen a movie, heard a song, or read a story about insecurity when it comes to love, and it often does not turn out modestly in the end. Insecurity, especially in love, drives us to the extremes of our emotions, way far and beyond the line of reason.

The worst part about being insecure in a romantic relationship (or lack, thereof) is it is astronomically difficult to discuss and communicate with the object of our affection.

In times of great frustration sometimes when our dreams come into action. It offers relief, but not a relief similar to taking action in reality, as opposed to inside our little own sleeping minds.

Regardless, stabbing someone in a dream is not exactly in our full control. What is in our full control is taking charge of our emotions, finding ways to deal with them without hurting ourselves or anybody else, and getting on with life without a heavy heart at the end of the day.

Biblical Meaning of Stabbing Someone in a Dream

Being a religious person may sometimes come with a great sense of guilt about having thoughts. But God does not punish people for thoughts or dreams that did not totally arise from their own will.

There are plenty of negative interpretations about stabbing someone in a dream, and rightfully so. It is not exactly a friendly act to drive a knife into another person’s body.

However, there are biblical interpretations about having such a dream that may not sound intuitive at first but turns out to be perfectly reasonable when given enough thought and understanding.

We are not strangers to the story of King David and Goliath. David, being the smaller person chosen to battle Goliath with a freakishly gigantic stature, gained the trust of a few initially. However, through the grace of God, he came out alive and victorious in the end and gained the respect of his people.

When we dream of stabbing someone, it might represent the fall of a tyrant that is present in our lives. It can be a sign from God to stay still and stand strong in the face of this tyrant. Moreover, it possibly is insurance from Him that you will come out, just like David, victorious in the end.

Man prays to God.

It can also very well be a sign of victory over spiritual warfare. Satan likes tempting the weak, fearful, and submissive. Having a dream of stabbing someone might represent a transition of oneself from the kind of person that Satan attracts, and the kind of person Satan fears.

It is not always wrong to use force against someone, especially when that someone does not have our best interest in their mind.

Spiritual Meaning of Stabbing Someone in a Dream

Having a dream of stabbing someone in a dream is a strong manifestation of one’s spiritual state. As spiritual beings, we like to be mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions, so as not to hurt someone and preserve peace in our lives.

Dreaming of stabbing someone might mean our spirituality is in an uneasy state. That means we are bothered by guilt, shame, or similar emotions. Nobody is perfect, we all commit mistakes and let ourselves down by giving in to what we know to be the wrong thing.

We also know that this does not excuse us from consequences, especially when we are in tune with our sense of harmony and spirituality. Therefore, we feel guilty about doing something wrong, feel shame about committing something that is not aligned with our values, and it keeps us awake at night.

For this reason, we might be too overwhelmed by emotions that we cannot restrain ourselves from acting in hostility against guilt. Perhaps the person being stabbed represents the emotions themselves, or in cases, even ourselves.

It is not uncommon thing for some people to feel hatred about their own self, particularly people who are too self-conscious.

Multiple exposures of woman discovering spirituality.

Dragging a feeling of guilt and shame on a daily basis is no healthy task. It does not make staring at a mirror feel like a normal thing to do. Guilt tarnishes how we see ourselves, and shame makes us cower in the sight of others, thinking they might sooner or later know how despicable a person we truly are, despite the truth being the opposite.

It is vital to remind ourselves of forgiveness. And the first person we should learn to forgive is ourselves. Life is too short to keep score, and the sooner we are at peace with our souls, the more will we attract positivity and love in our lives.

Dreaming of Stabbing your Ex

I had been heartbroken before. It felt like I was experiencing a million emotions at one time, and most of them aren’t exactly the kind to make someone rejoice. Put simply, leaving a relationship hurts, and it sometimes lets out the worst in us.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that some people experience dreams of stabbing their ex. Dreams arise from our subconscious, and our subconscious is an extension of our conscious thoughts, or vice-versa.

While we can trick our conscious brain into forgiving someone, our subconscious often takes much, much more effort to be convinced into doing the same. That part of the brain keeps score, and the score is pictured in our dreams.

Perhaps it was a harsh break-up, involving complications such as cheating, so it is not that difficult to relate reality to the dream. Like what is said earlier, we cannot rationalize our way into each and every situation; the pull of emotions is too strong for events such as a breakup.

Sometimes, the pull stays long after the deed is done, anchoring us into feelings we would rather not have, and thoughts we would rather not think. For this reason, the thought of hurting someone’s ex is always present in the corner of a broken person’s mind.

Dreams About Stabbing Yourself

Sometimes, we are on the receiving end of a knife when there is stabbing going on inside our dreams. It can be frightful at first, especially when we haven’t given much thought to such a possibility happening in reality. But what could it mean when we get stabbed in our dreams?

As usual, the meaning behind such a dream is not so far-fetched from a rational explanation. Being stabbed might pertain to our being excessively defensive in our daily lives.

For whatever reason, we might feel unsafe or insecure, and thus our defensive alarms are always activated. Being extremely defensive is exhausting, and it takes our ability to see the bright side about situations, leaving us nihilistic and not fun to be with.

When we dream about being stabbed, it might be best to reflect upon what it is that makes us truly anxious. It might be a person, an unwarranted memory of something that happened long ago, or an ugly prospect about the future that we can’t detach our minds from.

We only live once, and our minds know it, and it does everything they could to make it worth it, but sometimes it does so in such a way that the net effect of such effort is negative.

There are certain situations where letting go is the best for everyone, including us. It is no fun to live a life on tip-toe, acting as if someone is always on the look to stab us in the back.

What Do Violent Dreams Mean?

If you have ever had violent dreams frequently, you may have started to wonder whether this meant you were some type of violent or mean person. This is not necessarily the case.

A violent dream, just like any other dream interpretation, may have many different meanings depending on the person dreaming the dream or the circumstances surrounding them at the time. Continue reading to find out a few common reasons why you may be experiencing violent dreams.

Violent dreams can symbolize past traumatic experiences and can be based on thoughts that have been reoccurring in someone’s mind. It may mean that something in your life is out of control or that you have some anger built up inside of you that hasn’t been dealt with in some time.

It represents a life of chaos and that you may be afraid of not having control of something or a situation.

What Is The Meaning Of Killing Someone In A Dream?

Killing someone in a dream is not always a bad thing. This dream can have many different interpretations depending on what is going on in the person’s life that is having this dream and also who the killer is killing in the dream.

For example, killing someone that is bad or killing to protect yourself in a dream has a totally different meaning than killing someone just for fun or that is innocent.

Businessman in suit shouting in rage and frustration.

Killing someone in a dream may signify that you are angry and have a short temper. It can mean that you have a lot of rage in your life. Killing someone in a dream may also vary depending on whether or not the person being killed is a man or a woman.

If you are killing a woman in your dream, this may mean that good luck is coming your way, and if it is a man that you are killing in your dream, it can represent power.

Some also interpret killing someone in a dream to mean that something that you have had buried inside is about to come to light. You can also have dreams of killing someone if you have recently experienced the death of someone close to you.


Dreams are fascinating. It is easy to get lost for a moment in another ‘reality’, and waking up from an amazing dream is always a disappointment. However, dreams like stabbing someone are not wonderful dreams to experience, and they might leave us wondering what could be the reason for having such a dream.

Luckily, having such a dream should not be an issue, but for the few who are deep into curiosity, the answer is not too hard to figure out. Dreams are manifestations of thoughts and emotions that we often neglect while in the state of being awake.

Dreaming about stabbing someone might simply be a representation of our deep-situated frustrations that we cannot let out in reality. Keeping an understanding mind should stop us from being overwhelmed by such dreams, and lead us to take healthy actions that will set our frustrations straight.

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