Dreams About Spiders: What Do They Mean?

Hello fellow dreamer! I’m assuming you found yourself here after having dreams about spiders. You aren’t alone! Millions of people have spider dreams but what does it mean? You’ve come to the right place to find out!

Spiders aren’t usually on the top ten list of things people WANT to dream about but that doesn’t mean dreaming about them is all bad. Dreaming about spiders doesn’t necessarily mean creepy, scary, or gross things.

As you will read below, there are some great meanings behind these spiders dreams. We can’t wait for you to find out all the possibilities your spider dreams can reveal.

General Spiders

Maybe you had a pretty normal dream of being in the woods or maybe in your home and spotting a spider somewhere nearby. This is quite common as we see spiders in our waking life, why wouldn’t that be carried over to our dream life as well?

Lots of people dream of spiders just doing their natural thing. Dreaming of a spider naturally in your dream could mean you feel like you have to be on guard in your life for some reason. Maybe you have had some anxiety over some decisions and you feel like you will let someone down based on your choices.

Do you feel like you are always worrying about how your decisions may affect others? Or how others will perceive you and your decisions? Seeing a spider may symbolize that you are being watched and perhaps judged. Or it could mean that you are aware it takes lots of parts and people in life to have a full life.

A woman was being gossiped about by her co-workers.

Some things are necessary for the background to keep things calm and normal in the foreground. Spiders are all around us quietly doing their jobs, we don’t notice unless they cross our paths but without them, we’d be overwhelmed with pests everywhere.

Maybe your dream is helping you notice all the things and people in the background that help make life easier and more comfortable for you.

Spider Symbols

Dreaming of a spider symbol rather than the spider itself is a very interesting concept. It may mean no one is actually watching or judging you at all. It could be something you perceive to be happening but is actually a facade with nothing behind it. The symbol may also serve as a warning that if you keep pursuing in the direction you’re going in, the real spiders (watchers) are up ahead.

Therefore, the symbol could be a warning to protect you from what’s ahead. Pay special attention to recalling what the symbol looked like and also what was in the surroundings other than the symbol itself. Also, think about how you felt in your dream when you saw the symbol. Were you excited? Confused? Scared? Intrigued?

This should help you interpret what exactly the symbol means to you. If you were excited it could mean that you crave adventure and have grown bored of routine and normalcy. Find a (safe) fun adventure to go on to spice things up a bit!

If you were confused it could mean you need more clarity to make decisions in life. Try talking to a friend or seeing a therapist or life coach to see if you can clear up some of the confusion you have over what to do next.

If you’re scared, it may be a warning to heed your instincts and watch for signs. Be aware of your surroundings when making decisions and listen to your gut always.

If you’re intrigued you are ready to embark on your next adventure. You have confidence, and clarity, and are stepping ahead for all the right reasons.

Killing a Spider

Did you kill your spider in your dream? Dreaming of killing a spider could mean a few different things. Perhaps there’s an obstacle in your way in life that you can’t seem to get through to accomplish your goals or the next step ahead. The spider may be symbolizing that obstacle in your dream.

Killing that spider could be a sign that you are ready to get through these hurdles and move on to the next better thing at any cost. It could also mean that you are tired of worrying about what everyone else thinks and you are ready to “squash” the fear of others’ perceptions and do what you know you need to do to make yourself happy and successful.

A young man expressing positivity while raising his arm.

Looking at how you killed the spider may help you interpret the dream even further. Did you use your foot? This would mean you took it upon yourself to end the issue/problem once and for all, in complete control.

If you use bug spray, this shows you’re resourceful and will use any tools provided to you to get your job done. Maybe you vacuumed it up? This may mean you have a hard time addressing issues head-on and would rather be passive-aggressive or even ignore your problems.

Hanging Spider

If you’ve dreamt of a spider hanging from its web, this could mean you are not sure what your next step is. You may be in limbo so to speak, you may be hanging on by a thread trying to decide what’s next. You’re not forward or back yet, but unsure of what your next best move is.

It could also mean you are getting ready to make big moves but you’re not prepared yet. Preparing to “spin your web” but not actually taking action yet. Consider what decisions you may be wavering on that brought this dream to you. Are you wavering between decisions? Are you afraid to pick a direction to go in? This may be what seeing a hanging spider in your dream means.

Try making a decision and taking the action of following through with it. This may be scary at first but it definitely beats hanging around waiting forever because nothing feels 100% right or safe all of the time. Go with your gut and make that decision so you have no regrets.

Climbing Spider

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout… Seeing a climbing spider in your dream may be telling you that you need to work with others to accomplish your goals and be successful in life instead of always trying to do things alone

Networking with others is important to “climb’ that ladder whether it be socially or career-wise. Spiders that we see climbing could symbolize them reaching their goals and moving upward.

A coach inspires his team for effective work.

If the spider is moving in a downward direction, perhaps you need to reconsider a decision you’ve made recently. You may have to backtrack and make a different decision to go full speed ahead. Climbing spiders may also be telling you its’ time to believe in yourself and step (climb) boldly in confidence.

Falling Spiders

SPLAT! If you dream about a spider falling it may be a sign that you are reaching the point of exhaustion in your life. Reevaluate what you’re doing for rest and self-care so you can fuel up and forge ahead without facing complete burnout and exhaustion.

It could also mean your fears and obstacles no longer have a hold over your life anymore. That you are ready to do what’s best for your goals and to stop getting in your own way. It may also be a warning to take a good look at your surroundings. What made the spider fall? So you can avoid any dangers that can make you fall as well.

Lots of Spiders

Dreaming of a lot of spiders at once could mean you are overwhelmed in life. Overwhelmed by choices, or by which steps to take, maybe by responsibilities as a whole. It could also mean you have many choices and not to dwell too much on which one to make, you’ll still have choices left if the first one doesn’t work out.

It could also mean you’re feeling overwhelmed by fear. Dreaming of a lot of spiders could also be another way to tell you that networks are important and to rely on others to accomplish your goals. Again, try to remember how you felt during the dream and that should help you know which interpretation fits best for you.

A woman lying on her pillow while dreaming.

Pay attention to what colors the spiders were. Black can either mean bold/confident or even danger/evil. Brown can mean reliability or steadfastness. Tan is more neutral – timid, dull, while bright colors can mean a variety of things such as Red – passion, Blue – calm, Yellow – happiness, Purple – wealth, Orange – energy, Green – abundance.

Spider Webs

Everyone knows that spiders make beautiful and intricate webs. If you’ve dreamt of a spider web, it could mean a multitude of things. Try to remember if your web was big or small. Perhaps you are aching for home. Have you been away from home too long? Are you trying to find a home? Or maybe having trouble adjusting to making a new house a home.

It could also mean safety. Where is your safe place? Try making sure you visit that safe place often to recharge from the struggles in life. Is the web empty or is the spider or the bug inside?

The last meaning is it could be a warning. A web is beautiful and looks safe but it’s also the place spiders seek nourishment. If you are dreaming from the spider’s point of view, this is a place of comfort, safety, hard work, and sustainability.

If you are dreaming from a bug’s point of view, it could be a warning to not get lured into a situation or place because it’s beautiful or looks comfortable because looks can be deceptive.

Spiders Losing Hair

Maybe you’ve dreamt about shedding spiders. Seeing spiders shed and lose their fur/hair could be a symbol that you feel naked and exposed in life right now. What you thought was protecting you may not have been after all. You could be realizing you are more vulnerable than you feel comfortable being.

This could be good, being vulnerable and exposed can be a good thing! In your dream, was the spider in danger while losing their “protection” or where they seem happy and lighter after shedding?

Shedding in your life may be releasing burdens you’ve been carrying unnecessarily. Shedding these burdens may help you move quicker and lighter to the next right thing. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and show others what’s underneath. This can be a very rewarding thing that leads to more success in life.

Spiders Fighting

Were spiders fighting in your dream? If so were they fighting each other, you, or some other common enemy? Was the fighting self-defensive, provoked, or for pleasure? All these factors matter when interpreting this spider dream. If the spiders were fighting each other, it may mean you have been wrestling with a decision for quite some time.

You may be ready to make that decision so the struggle ceases and you can find peace. If the spider(s) was/were fighting YOU, maybe a decision you have made is haunting you. Perhaps it’s time to make amends with that decision.

A woman acting to self defend herself.

If the spider(s) is/are fighting something else, try to make sense of what the enemy is. Maybe it’s a warning that something big is up ahead and you need to be prepared to face it.

Spider Bite

Dreaming of a spider bite is another common phenomenon. Do you have one bite or more than one? Is it painful or itchy? What color is it? Is it infected or calm? Can you see the spider or did it hide? Also, what is happening in the dream? Did you get superpowers from the bite? So much to dissect in this type of dream. Getting bit can mean you have a setback in life.

If there are many bites you may be feeling overwhelmed by setbacks. If it’s painful you may be facing some uncomfortable consequences from your prior decisions and setbacks. If it’s itchy it may be annoying you and reminding you to take care of yourself and choose wisely in the future.

If it’s infected you need to go back and “clean out” the wound by making amends to people you’ve hurt in the past. That way you can heal going forward. If you’ve gotten super powers then the sting was temporary but lead to bigger and better things.

Spider Eggs

Can you see spider eggs in your dream? This could be a sign of the birth of a new fear in your life that you have to conquer. Or it could be showing you that you need to nurture some things in your life you’ve been ignoring. If the eggs are hatching it’s showing you that good fruit will come from your hard work and toil, you can expect that.

You will be rewarded in your endeavors if you keep on going and keep your focus on the rewards. If you see a spider carrying her eggs or babies on her back, this is a sign that you are a leader. Find a leadership role to guide others, maybe even mentor, to help others achieve their goals and dreams as well.

Lead by example and help others carry their burdens as well. Help nurture them to health and then give them the tools they need to help themselves.

Talking Spider

If you dream of a talking spider, first ask yourself, did you watch any silly movies lately? Seriously though, make sure you try to remember what exactly the spider said. Was he talking to you or to another spider? Or even talking to himself? I believe you will understand the message by listening to what he had to say.

Talking spiders can mean you tend to overthink things. It may be time to stop thinking and overanalyzing and to just make a decision and stick with it. Spiders talking to each other may mean you feel ignored by things and overpowered by your own insecurities.

Remember how amazing you are and find the confidence to be bold and succeed in everything you do. Talking spiders may mean you tend to let others talk too much and don’t speak your mind to many.

It’s OK to be quiet but this dream could be telling you to make sure you speak up for yourself and share your ideas when the opportunity presents itself. Your thoughts and your voice are important too.

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell by now, dreams about spiders are common and as you can see can mean many different things. Spiders are beautiful, intelligent, creative creatures but they are also deadly to some. They are also sadly, not very well liked so have a negative stigma.

There are so many life lessons that can be learned in our dreams about spiders! I know a lot of people view spiders as very creepy but they are really fascinating creatures. As for spider dreams, I hope you have many more of the good kind!

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