Had A Dream I Killed Someone? What Does It Mean?

Did you wake up after killing someone in your dream? I understand the chilly feeling and the fear. But, dreaming about killing someone does not mean that you will kill someone in the future.

You are not alone in the boat; although to dream about killing someone is not a common dream, many of us have one day or another found ourselves in the same shoes.

The real meaning of dreams depends on several factors. Who is dreaming in a dream? What is going on in their life? Remember that these dreams carry a deep meaning, not the literal meaning, and they try to represent your unconscious psychology.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Killing Someone?

When trying to get the real meaning of the dreams about killing someone, there are two important questions that you have to ask yourself: Is the killing that you are dreaming about a necessary sacrifice? Or, what or who are you killing? Is it important to your life?

As psychologist tries to analyze the dreams meaning, they use two aspects; the person who was killed and the person being killed are important in understanding the meaning of a dream. For example, a dream where you are killing a person who has been harassing you will have a different meaning from a dream where you are killing your relative, e.g. your mother or father.

In most cases, the people you see in your dream are just symbolic actors. The actors represent a part of you. It can be your character’s feelings, hardly is it the reality that you see in your dream. The killing that you do in that dream has a great meaning to your psychological adaptions in your mind.

It means that your mind is not conscious of how your character or feelings towards something affect you in your life. Whenever you are trying to interpret your dream, remember that dreams are just the product of how you think and view the world.

After you have faced a challenge in your life that stays with you for a long period, the problem or the challenge most likely will start appearing in your dreams. This can be grief, a quarrel, or a dilemma. They start dictating the kind of dreams you have.

After thinking and staying with a problem for a long time, the problem gets into your subconscious mind. That is why most people who watch violent movies or play violent games find themselves most of the time dreaming of killing people.

The dream about killing people indicates your mind is calling for a remedy to your problem. It could be the brain leading you to the solution to your problem. That is why it is very important to seek the meaning of your dreams.

Things You Must Consider In Interpreting Your Dream

1.      Who was in your dream? If you know the person who was in your dream there they have in your life, you can easily get the meaning of your dream.

2.     Could the dream be calling for a move on in life? Killing someone who has made your life very uneasy in this life could be a call from your brain to move on with life and to get rid of them your brain.

3.     Are you aware of the cause of the dream? Understanding the cause of your them means you can prevent it from happening again in the future. Suppose you are not aware of the reason. In that case, you should do a lot of evaluation to avoid always waking up to a scare that sometimes can be beyond tolerance.

4.     Be ready to always seek help. Sometimes people mistake the dream to be a reality, and they are pushed by their senses to commit a crime or even harm themselves. Keep in mind that a dream is not literal.

Tip: They are symbolic. If the urge to commit a crime goes beyond your control, seek help from a professional and the people around you. Do not harm yourself or others.

11 Meanings Of Killing Someone

1.     Killing antagonistic characters in our dreams

These dreams dominate when you have a painful experience with antagonistic people. The antagonistic people are the people who have impacted pain into your life. They can be an abusive husband, a bully in school, a community leader, or even an abusive guardian.

When we meet certain people in this life, there is always that urge to either have your revenge or you feel so filthy and unworthy. This is the reason we are witnessing a lot of crimes in society.

Children are commuting suicide, couples slaughtering their companions, and even greatly increased violence in families. And to be able to kill the antagonist the brain tries to kill the antagonist that is within you. The dream of killing these antagonist people results from the brain trying to fight the feeling. Teaching you to stand up for yourself and fight the external abuse by first fighting the feeling in yourself.

That is why the brain creates that aggression, leading you to become a victim of your own thoughts by creating an illusion of you overcoming the antagonist. Killing an antagonist person in a dream is essential as it helps you seek your liberation.

2.     A dream about killing a bully in your dream

One good thing about this dream is that it presents both the problem and a solution in the brain. These dreams result from the brain wanting to make the unconscious repressive issues in your life become conscious. They are meant to liberate you from the chains of being bullied.

In this case, the brain uses the physical bully in the dream to show that you have a bully inside you and need to get rid of it. The bully in the brain can be the negative thoughts you might have in your mind that are holding you down from achieving your purpose or dream.

For example, a lack of self-confidence can be presented in your dream as a bully, and killing it in the dream, means that you have to eliminate your low self-esteem to succeed. When you have those negative thoughts or feeling about yourself, that is the inner bully that you have to get rid of.

3.     Dream about killing someone as developing healthy aggression

In many cases, people are just passive about the issues that affect them in this life. They do not want to take charge in fighting for change. They are just dwelling in the repression like captives. The subconscious part of the brain arouses the situation in the dream. You see yourself killing a person who, in real life, is so harsh and abuses you, yet you do nothing.

The brain’s main goal is to help you recognize the aggression inside of you. It shows you that you have the power and the energy to change the situation. Sometimes aggression is very important to you as an individual as it acts as a shield.

Here the brain presents an extreme act of aggression to help you discover your potential and give you the urge to fight for your freedom. Maybe even what is suppressing you just leaves within you. You have this feeling of self-doubt, and the brain wants you to fight it.

4.     Dream about killing someone as a change of psychology

In a dream, it happens that you and your bully come together and maybe in a house and kill other people in life, and you celebrate the victory together. It must not seem that it is your bully; it can also be a coming together of you and your worst enemy or the person you hate most.

The elements surrounding the place that you are killing to gain control of can signify matters of life. It can be in relationships with your family and maybe your job. The collaboration between you and your enemy shows a psychological turnaround. Changing the perception you have about someone and something in your life.

The collaboration with the bully signifies using the inner aggression within you. A collaboration with a strong person who is the bully in your dream. This shows that you have to change what you view as negative and use it for your own good. Use the aggression within you to succeed in your marriage, your job, your wealthy life ,and your businesses.

5.     Dreams of killing someone who has already died

Even after people have died, what they did and what they taught you remains with you even after they are gone. To dream about a dead person means that the person was so impactful in your life, either positively or negatively. Mostly you can dream about a person who impacted you a lot during your developmental years.

In this case, you can take your mother. Everything she might have done in your developing age will continue to affect you even in adulthood. For example, a girl brought up by a mother with a negative complex will continue to suffer from that complex even after her mother is long gone.

Also, the kid who was sexually abused at a younger age by someone already dead will leave with the feeling even when they are already old enough.

There is high chance that they might abuse a kid due to that feeling. However, the brain sometimes tries to fight those feelings through virtual reality. You dream of yourself killing the person who abused you or harassed you and whom you have lived to remember.

What the brain wants you to do is to let you feel secure after getting your revenge and, through that, help you to forget or overpower the feeling.

6.     Killing your mother

This is among the worst dreams that one can have. Killing your own mother is no simple feeling. Even though your mother was so hostile and did not treat you right, you cannot enjoy the feeling of killing her.

The dream comes more so if you have a negative mother complex. Some mothers are so influential to their daughters that even after they are long gone, the daughter does not come back to her own sense to act out of her own character. The daughter continues to live their mother’s life. Living someone else life is a great challenge and a burden to your life.

The brain cannot tolerate living someone else life, so it decides to kill them in an attempt to liberate you. You dream of yourself killing your own mother to kill the characters and the impact she had on your behavior so that their subconscious behavior is brought out to your conscious. You start feeling that you ought to change and begin living your own life. It is a liberation mechanism of the brain.

7.     Killing an abusive man

It is a common dream among women, where the women dream of killing abusive men who live around them. The men, in many cases, have been psychologically or sexually abusive. It can be a husband to a woman, a neighbor, or even a brother; they are called negative animus.

The abuse of a woman by the negative animus makes them feel hopeless, in self-doubt, and very anxious. The woman in this abuse by a man feels like she can never accomplish anything in her life. She will end up having an intrapersonal conversation telling herself that her life is over, she is past time, and there is nothing good that can happen to her.

She will feel like she can never succeed in her life. All that will make her feel so desperate and powerless, and it gets to the point that it gets to her subconscious mind that she can never succeed. She acts like a loser and a hopeless person.

The brain tries to bring her senses back to self-realization by having dreams of killing the abusive man behind her suffering. The brain tries to show her that she can overcome her mental weaknesses by slicing the man’s throat. After this dream, the woman may feel empowered and fight her mental hopelessness, motivating her to fight for her physical liberation.

8.     Dreams of killing a person you know

Killing a person you know in a dream does not necessarily imply your relationship with the person. One of the reasons could be that their character is not pleasing at all to you, and your brain is searching for a way to remove them from your life.

Also, it could mean that your relationship with the person is a great challenge to you and you have been struggling to live with them. The subconscious part of your brain is helping you to discover your real character, and your character does not fit that of the person you are killing in the dream.

9.     Killing someone unfamiliar person to you

It is very awkward killing a person you do not even recognize; however, it usually happens in our dreams. At this time, your brain is trying to persuade you to change some of the characters that are not working for you.

You have to embrace the change in your behavior or a habit you have gotten used to doing. It is now upon you to evaluate your characters to discover what your brain wants you to refrain from.

10.     A dream of killing your boss

These dreams mostly come when you are not on good terms with your employer. It is your brain warning you of the disagreements in your job or trying to show you that the job does not fit your character and that you are struggling to remain in the job.

However, this dream does not only come to you when you have difficulty in your job. It can also come when you are pleased with the job. At this time, the brain uses the subconscious limits that you have in your mind to show you that the job is not giving you the happiness and growth you deserve.

11.     A dream of killing a loved one

Though it is not common, you might have a dream of you killing your close family member or even a friend. These dreams are very scary and can lead to stress in the wonder of the meaning. It means that you are angry with them over a problem the two of you have.

It can be a current problem or a conflict the two of you have, but it keeps on resurfacing. Therefore, you need to sort out the issue as soon as possible. It can also test your friendship with the person and whether you can be there in time of need.

Dreams About Killing Someone: Meaning Of Killing A Bully In Your Dream

While it can be distressing to have dreams about killing someone, killing a bully in your dream might feel cathartic. Killing is the most extreme form of removal, but the metaphor of death can stand in for many types of change.

While your mind is showing you the most shocking outcome – murder, it may simply be trying to guide you to take a firmer approach to the situation. We’re often taught to be accepting of others, to the point where being intolerant is considered taboo. But the truth is that not everyone can get along, and you don’t have to tolerate someone malicious in your life.

Killing a bully from the past indicates a desire to erase any traces of their influence and move on from the pain they have caused you. In this case, you kill the version of them in your mind to create a sense of closure.

Dreams About Killing Someone Killing a Bully in Your Dream

Dreams about killing someone or about being killed by someone are quite common. This article will reveal dreams about killing someone, killing a bully in your dream meaning.

Alternatively, it could mean that there is something or someone in your life that is making you feel small and powerless, and you want to get rid of them. If the dream is particularly violent, it could also suggest that you have some anger and aggression issues that need to be addressed.

It’s not uncommon for people to have violent dreams, especially if they’re dealing with some unresolved anger or aggression issues. However, if the violence in your dream is particularly graphic or intense, it could suggest that you’re feeling guilty about something. You may be harboring some resentment or bitterness that you need to address.

Also, the dream could be prompting you to take a closer look at your own behavior and how it might be contributing to the problem.

Dreams About Killing Someone Who Is Already Dead

When it comes to dreams, there are very few topics as disturbing as death. The most common reason why you may be dreaming about killing someone who has already passed away is that your brain is trying to process your feelings about this person.

Dreams about killing someone who is already dead can have several interpretations. One interpretation is that your mind is trying to tell you to let go of negative feelings about the person who is dead. Killing someone in a dream can represent feelings of anger and aggression.

Another interpretation is that there is an event from your past involving this person that you feel bad about and it is still haunting you. Your brain is telling you to offer yourself forgiveness. Grieving can be a very complicated process and it will often make its way into your dreams.

Killing someone in a dream often means that your subconscious is ready to close out a chapter of your life, so dreaming about killing someone who is already dead could simply just mean that you are ready to stop grieving and move forward.


As you have seen, the killing dreams are not about killing the physical people around you. It is about killing your psychological characters and feelings within you. They say the biggest enemy lies inside.

The brain, therefore, plays a great role in self-realization. Then, it leaves it upon you to fight for your liberation from your suppressions. You should not go around killing people or blaming people for your failures; fight the failure in your first failures.