Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Ex

Some of us dream more than others, and you may wonder what your dream means. You may have had a relationship breakup that you think about a lot and the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex concerns you.

The spiritual meaning of dreams varies, and if you have a vivid dream write it down when you wake up so that you can analyze it later on. Today we will take a look at dreams and try to determine their meaning.

Whether you have an out-of-body experience or are replaying events from a stressful day, your mind replays a jumble of the events that occurred. So dreams do have a meaning, and dreaming about your ex will play a part in the process and may help to bring some closure to a difficult time in your life.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex and How Do You Know What They Mean?

Not all of your dreams will be remembered, and when you do remember them and are trying to interpret them, one of the main keys is to look for the symbol of what the dream means. If there are characters in your dreams they too have meaning.

A man just woke up from dreaming.

When your ex appears in a dream try to work out what it means. So try to see if there is any emotional content, or whether there is still any attraction. Remembering a dream is not always easy, so keep a notebook by your bed to write them down.

Does Your Ex Miss You?

The brain is a bit like a computer, and while you sleep it backs up all the information it has received during the day. Dreams are a reflection of what we are experiencing emotionally and physically that play out while we sleep.

Paying attention to our dreams can help you to make some sense of what is happening in your life, and explore the symbolism and the meaning. The way that you interpret your dreams depends on your culture and background.

If you have been with your ex for some time before the breakup, yes, he or she will feature in your dreams as you try to take meaning from what has happened leading up to the breakup.

Common Dream Symbols

Some common symbols run through dreams and here are some examples:

  • You dream that someone is chasing you, they nearly catch you and then you wake up. This symbolizes a fear that something may happen to you.
  • Dreaming of spiders, snakes, and alligators symbolizes the general anxiety that you carry through the day.
  • Dreams about death often symbolize new beginnings in your life.

So, could dreaming about your ex means a new beginning and that it is time to move on with a new partner?

Analyzing The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex What Does it Mean

A person writing in a journal on her bed.

Go back through your dream journal and take a look at the patterns. Are you afraid when you wake up? Or are the dreams comforting?

The reality is that dreams are allowing you to process some of your emotions. If your ex is dead they can provide you with spiritual reassurance, and help you to move on with your life.

Dreaming is a spiritual experience, and as such dreams should not be ignored, but sometimes, it is impossible to make any sense of them. If you are anxious and worried you will often sleep very lightly, and dream a lot, and sometimes you may feel as if you haven’t slept at all.

Is Someone Trying To Send You a Message Do You Need a Dream Coach?

Dreamwork is based on the psychology of Sigmund Freud’s hypothesis that a person’s deepest desires are changed in dreams, appearing in different forms. Now dreamwork has become popular in Hollywood with Australian ‘Power of the Dog’ Director Jane Campion using it in her movie ‘The Power of the Dog’.

The movie was released last October when Jane Campion said that she had trained with a dream coach while making the film. She went on to say that it changed and added depth to her work to have this experience.

What is a Dream Coach?

In a way, a dream coach is a guide to better storytelling while reaching back into the subconscious for lost memories. However, no analysis takes place, and this type of coaching enables the client to work creatively with dreams.

Carl Jung, an early psychoanalyst (1875-1961), said that dreams reveal more than they conceal. He also said that dreams didn’t require interpretation for them to function appropriately.

American Indian Dreamcatchers To Filter out Bad Dreams

A hanging dream catcher.

The meaning of the dream catcher originated from the American Objibwe tribe and is said to filter bad dreams away protecting you from evil and negativity. The good dreams find their way through while the bad dreams disappear.

Crystals were a protective talisman worn at night to keep the bad dreams away. It is thought that the best color to choose is white and blue symbolic of hope and purity.

Dream catchers were hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams and evil while they slept. A spider web design of the dream catcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down through the hanging beads and feathers to the child.

Holding back the bad dreams in the dream catcher. This is a look at how other cultures deal with and interpret dreams, both good and bad.

How to Recall Your Dreams

Learning guided meditation helps explore the mind and recall dreams. Once we understand what we are trying to achieve, we can practice meditation for five minutes a day. If you feel that your ex is trying to communicate with you, this can be a way of clarifying the dream and trying to make some sense of it.

The meditation will keep you calm and in the moment, and able to recall what happened in the dream. When we are calm our subconscious is able to recall memories of events that are often lost when we are anxious.

Post Traumatic Stress Dreams

If your relationship ended badly, you may be having vivid recurring dreams. This is common in cases of domestic violence where sometimes therapy is required to banish the dreams. Sigmund Freud believed that people who were frequently distressed by bad dreams were experiencing stressful events from the past.

The dreamers were advised to come up with different outcomes to the bad dream, by rehearsing a better outcome while awake, and reminding themselves at bedtime that there is a better outcome should the bad dream reoccur. This technique helped the dreamers to sleep more soundly and to avoid insomnia.

When a Relationship Ends

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex may cause you some sleepless nights. The true meaning of the dream could be that you want to be back together with him/her.

If the relationship ended on good terms, it may be time to meet up and talk face to face. This is particularly helpful where neither party has moved on and there may be some unfinished business to work through, and put the dreams to rest.

A man and a woman having a heartfelt conversation.

If one of you has a new relationship this may not work so well, as one of you has moved on. However, you may still be able to meet and clear the air. In some cases, your relationship may end up as a long-term friendship if you can put the past aside.

Who knows, if you are both still single, you may ignite the flame and continue where you left off.

10 Possible Meanings of Dreaming About Your Ex

  1. You miss them and want to be back together.
  2. They miss you and contact you regularly even in dreams.
  3. Your children want you back together and it plays on your mind at night.
  4. You feel guilty about the break-up and need resolution to your disturbing dreams
  5. You are a spiritual and intuitive person who is really suffering from the stress of the break-up and you may need therapy to help with closure.
  6. Your culture does not accept divorce, and your parents are pressuring you to return to the marriage, causing disturbed sleep and dreams.
  7. You are a victim of domestic violence and your ex is threatening you, and realize that the law may not be able to protect you against harm.
  8. You are deeply religious and spiritual and firmly believe that marriage is for life, whatever happens, and are prepared to overlook everything to stay married you dream about your ex constantly.
  9. Your ex died suddenly in an accident, and you want to hold the memories of him/her close forever, the dreams are welcomed.
  10. Your ex developed a religious calling, and has become a Buddhist Monk, turning his back on your union, it haunts your dreams as you hoped to remain together and marry, instead, it has become a nightmare for you. Every night you toss and turn and dream of what could have been.

Our Dreams Work in Different Ways

On further reading Carl Jung, he says quote, “the dream is an attempt to counterbalance the hypertrophied ego”. This is a big statement and one that no longer has credence. How upsetting it would have been to hear that the person seeking help through therapy had an overblown ego.

He went on to suggest that the person discover the aspects in themselves that better adapt to the demands of life, and if she/he wanted to cure the neurosis they would have to change. I bet that poor lady or man never mentioned the dreams to anyone again.

Fortunately, we are now more enlightened and we understand that certain things play on our minds and manifest as dreams when we are asleep.

The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

Some people are much more spiritual than others and seem to develop a deep understanding of what their dreams mean. Embracing our spirituality means a shift in our priorities that allows us to embrace our spirituality in a profound way.

If your ex also embraces spirituality there is a good chance that you may end up together again after a time apart. While others will end up going their separate ways.

Dreams are very interesting, and writing them down allows you to spend some time analyzing the contents. If the same dream reoccurs it is almost as though you are being sent a message that you need to act on.

Dreaming About Your Ex

Some common dream symbols occur in most people. Like spiders and death, we all have these dreams from time to time, often when we are stressed and worried. Several people have said that they also dream in vivid colors.

One lady described seeing the vivid blue of her ex’s eyes, and the colors he was wearing when he tragically died the year before. She found this a comforting dream as she felt that he was visiting her, and still in her life.

This was a lovely dream and the therapist asked her to document it, and the dream did reoccur and brought comfort to her.

For those who have suffered domestic violence, the dream is more of a nightmare, and therapy can help to dull the pain. They can only hope to move on and have a happier life in the future. Sometimes a fresh start is needed in a new safe place away from your ex.


The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex varies widely and is different for everyone. A person’s deepest desires are somehow revealed by their dreams, and we need to examine that closely in order to better understand ourselves, and what we want from life.

Guided meditation will help you to remember your dreams and go back over them. This way you can fill in some blanks and build a mental picture of what is happening.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this, and it will ultimately help you to clarify your thoughts, and embrace your dreams.

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