Wasp Spiritual Meaning: What Does A Wasp Represent?

Wasps, you can find this creature everywhere, especially on a hot summer’s day. Whether you’re outside, at home, in the office, or even in your car, you’re likely to encounter them often. However, did you know that wasps have a spiritual meaning?

Just like all animals, creatures, and species, wasps are no exception. Wasps symbolize self-control and motivate us to live a life that’s extraordinary and filled with variety. Read on to find out all about the wasp’s spiritual meaning.

What Do Wasps Symbolize?

Wasp symbolism has several different meanings for us. Let’s look at the six most significant ones and how they apply to our lives.

1.     Strength

If you feel frightened about not succeeding in whatever it is you set out to achieve, the wasp can encourage you to have faith in yourself that you can do anything. With the wasp, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Feeling down or depressed and like you have a lack of direction? The wasp symbolizes the strength you need to persevere.

2.     Self-Control

Wasps are determined little creatures – they keep pressing on and tackle any problem that comes their way as they work towards their goals. Not only that, but their courage is infectious and they pass this on to us too!

Traditional African beliefs hold that wasps inspire us as humans to improve our self-control and ability to change our direction in life towards the way that we want.

3.     Productivity

Did you know that wasps are involved in fermenting wine? They bring along with them yeast cells, known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or more commonly Brewer’s yeast. They carry them within their digestive tract, which is then adopted by their youth after giving birth.

Part of the wine fermentation process is facilitated as they chew on sweet-tasting grapes towards the latter part of the season. Yeast cells are then inherited by their youth.

Young businesswoman hard at work at her desk.

The Native American Indian population believes that wasps help improve productivity, organizational skills, and harmony, all of which are beneficial to the people.

4.     New Beginnings

If you’ve been having negative feelings lately, then that’s where the wasp’s help comes in – they symbolize positivity! This spirit animal inspires us to feel better about ourselves, our lives, and the world in which we live in.

When life seems to be happening for you, the wasp still symbolizes something better is yet to come. There’s so much more within yourself that you can offer this world. So it’s time to start believing in yourself so that you can experience the abundance you deserve!

5.     Fertility

In many places, wasps are signified by their ability to pollinate. In fact, they’re even much better at the job than bees! That’s because they aren’t nearly quite as hairy, making it easier for them to carry out this act.

Therefore, this displays their symbol of fertility. They can also cause harm to other creatures that are having a negative impact on their gardening and environmental tasks.

6.     Creation of the Earth

Some Native American cultures also hold that the wasp created the Earth. Choctaw legends have it that wasp venom has its roots in magic, coming from a plant of special significance.

What Else Does the Wasp Symbolize?

Wasps don’t just encourage positive change in our lives. They pose many other benefits too! Here are some of the top ways in which wasps can help us live a fulfilling life.

Acceptance and letting go

Wasps can be very harmful creatures (and even in some cases their stings can lead to death!) But what does this mean for us? We should always let go of the things of the past that don’t serve us and move on.

Otherwise, we’ll be doing ourselves no favor and only hurting ourselves. The Buddha likened anger to drinking poison, and therefore that it is a damaging emotion for us to hold on to if we want to make the best of our life.

Great things are to come at home

Family in new house.

Wasps do an amazing job of protecting their home! They are fantastic builders. But they also work tirelessly to ensure their family is also kept safe and secure. And if you haven’t found your loved one yet, don’t worry – the wasp symbolizes that love will soon come your way!

Working harder

Wasps are endless workers who try their best to give as much as they give back to the family and group. What this says is to keep striving towards your prospects – you’ll get there in the end, to where you want to be!

If you feel like you’re struggling, you can always take up jobs volunteering within the community and play a hand in helping others.

Wasp Biblical Symbolism

Wasps have significance in the Christian religion where they are seen as creatures sent in plenty to teach evil beings that their deeds are unfruitful and to keep the peace amongst all people.

Wasp Spirit Animal

The wasp spirit animal is particularly helpful to those who are sociable, likable and build friendships and relationships easily. But also, it can be supportive to those who are quieter and enjoy the alone time too!

If the wasp spirit animal is by your side, it means you are highly determined. Whenever you have a goal in mind, nothing can get in your way of accomplishing it. That way, the wasp can help facilitate you in achieving what you want in life.

However, there are downsides to removing yourself from the world. It can affect your relationships, making them less strong, and being self-sufficient can mean that you spend less time with others.

Have you been feeling a lack of patience recently? Perhaps you feel that others are making progress where you’re struggling too. If so, you shouldn’t feel downhearted! Good things don’t always come your way immediately. In fact, sometimes the best things in life take time and patience.

The wasp is there to help you slow down and become more content with where you are right now in the present moment. Remain confident that in the end, you will reach your goals.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that what you say to others can be hurtful at times, even if that was never your intention. But it’s important to realize that it does have this effect and self-awareness is required to ensure that you can overcome this.

There are better ways to convey your feelings and ones in which no one suffers in return. The wasp can help you find what they are so that the peace is kept as it should be.

You’ll need the wasp spirit animal to help you become more in tune with the world around you. Also, if you feel that you require assistance holding your ground in the face of adversity or any obstacles that are bestowed upon you, the wasp is there for you.

Do you think you’ve been in your head a lot lately and aren’t putting your desires into action? For your desires to become real and to get to where you’re meant to be, the wasp spirit animal is behind you all the way, guiding you to your dreams.

In addition, seeking out what you’re true skills and abilities are is never easy, but the wasp can help you get there. They are always there with you to find your way.

Brainstorming great ideas.

When you spot a wasp, do you realize this is a sign that a positive change is coming your way? You might not realize it, but the new life you’ve dreamt of is coming to you. Seize the opportunity and start working to make it happen.

If you feel that structure and organization aren’t your strong suits, these are other areas where the wasp can benefit you. Mess and disorganization can prevent clarity, vision, and positivity.

To be able to make progress and move in the direction of your dreams, you must remove the clutter around you and keep everything clean. You know the plans you have and it’s up to you to take control and live the life that you’ve designed.

But remember that goals aren’t always achieved right away – they often require a lot of patience and hard work! Brilliance isn’t handed to you and the perseverance is down to you. Set your target, create your path to achieve it, and remain positive along the way!

For those of you who’ve quit, why so? You know what your dreams, aspirations, and goals are for your life, and the wasp is there to guide your way. Change is just around the corner. While you might not feel like you’re in the best spot right now, your thoughts and plans will come into place.

What you’re going through now is only temporary and will come to an end. There’s a purpose for everything in life. In fact, hardships are sent your way to make you stronger and, in the end, facilitate you in reaching your goals.

This is known as your “inner warrior” when it comes to the wasp spiritual meaning Fly along with the wasp to your new beginnings and all that the world has to offer!

Wasp Encounters and Omens

Coming into contact with wasp signals a positive omen. In this way, it can help promote your life for the better – both in your job and personally. However, if you happen to be stung by a wasp, you can expect the opposite. This can lead to negative circumstances coming your way.

It’s important to never end a wasp’s life. If you do, unfavorable situations may be encountered. In fact, even an attack from a group of wasps can occur as a result.

Positive Omens

While many associates encountering a wasp with negativity, this isn’t also so – there are many ways in which it can enhance your life and well­being! Fertility is a positive connotation that is attributed to the role they play in pollination.

While they’re more active in the spring season, they aren’t so often seen in winter. This makes them a symbol of rebirth and new life. Therefore, stay calm – prosperous times are yet to come!

Wasps are great protectors of their families and endless workers. They generally only sting when they sense that harm could be made to their loved ones. They are a signal to us to care for those whom we cherish and to take control of our lives.

What does this mean for you? Can you say you are protecting those who mean the world to you, or are you chasing after that which, in the end, doesn’t serve you? The wasp is there to help you focus on the things in life that are the most meaningful.

Negative Omens

But you should also note that there are occasions where contact with wasps can be negative. It’s held, in some cases, that wasps can signal that foes could be nearby. Just be aware that not everyone who comes your way has your best interests at heart.

In addition, the wasp can also symbolize that you’re holding onto undesirable emotions such as anger and resentment. It’s better for you and those close to you to let such emotions go so that harmony is maintained, which is a more positive emotion associated with the wasp.


While at first we not have realized, the wasp is a creature of spiritual significance. They convey the message that a life that’s better, and one of abundance is coming your way.

Not only that, but they’re also associated with many positive characteristics that can stand by you such as strength, control, and a greater ability to be productive.

While encountering a wasp is usually a good sign, there are a few occasions where it’s best to be wary. It can signal that we are stuck in negative thoughts and feelings, but it does highlight that we should be more in tune with them. Then, we can redirect them to more positive ones.

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