What Does 818 Mean? 818 Angel Number Meaning

You look at the clock, 8:18. That’s funny. That’s the exact same time it was the last few times you checked. At the market, the cashier rings up your items, hits the total button, and there it is again $8.18. Hmm weird. You finally finish reading your favorite book and happen to notice the ending page number. Yep, 818.

At this point, you shrug it off as a coincidence. A little crazy, but a coincidence nonetheless. It is when your child asks you if they can go to a new friend’s house. The address written down on the piece of paper sends your mind into a state of madness, 818 Oak St. Still think it’s happenstance? Maybe. But likely it is not.


For centuries astrologists, numerologists, and spiritualists of all different beliefs see these occurrences that come to us in frequencies as a message from the universe. Since numbers are consistent no matter what language is spoken, they are thought to be the universal language.

They believe that we have a guideline, a map so to speak, of our fate that is predestined path in our life. They are prewritten and the Universe sees to it that we stay on this path written for us.

Christianity calls these messages from guardian angels. Whatever you choose to call it, one thing is for sure, 818 must mean something. According to the universe, this meaning is very significant. Don’t worry though. Acknowledging these messages is the very first step to begin decoding and interpreting them.

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Now that you have this number, what does it mean? How are you supposed to perceive them and apply them to your life? Well, it really depends on what is happening in your life at the time you received your message.

Are you stuck in a dead-end job, constantly daydreaming of a more fulfilling life? Or did you just get promoted with a raise at a job you adore? Are you in a relationship?

If so, how is it working for you? Are you benefiting from it or settling with it because it has become your routine? These are the things that only you will know so you need to keep it real with yourself or you will miss the true point of the message.

818 Numerology Meaning

The number 818 is said to be a divine message of new beginnings in love ( most likely a twin flame love, more on that in a moment) and a prosperous future. The 8, is two circles formed together, creating a whole single being, shaped like the symbol that represents eternity.

8 is an even number, equal and balanced on the top and bottom. 81 8 is a mirrored reflection of itself and whether you cut it in half vertically or horizontally, the other half is exactly the same.

The 1 is a very powerful number, signifying a new beginning, standing tall, as if with pride, representing itself without insecurities or doubt. One single digit. The first of the numbers. The position one holds in their own life. You are that one. You are the ‘sole captain of your soul’, and in this sense, the one who represents our personality, our ego.

It is said that angel number 818 means achieving a more balanced state of equilibrium and settling into a higher, more profound level of peace in your life. A sign of prosperity and great fortune brought unto you via the manifestation of your own thoughts. Basically, what you allow your mind to think creates your reality, be it positive or negative.

In numerology, every number has a specific meaning. 818 breaks down to 8, 8+1+8=17 then 1+7=8. The number 8, which is called the great equalizer is believed to represent luck, stability, good judgment, and practicality but also warns us that, if not controlled, our thoughts emotions and actions could lead to greed, arrogance, laziness, and materialistic tenancies.

Cosmically, the number 8 is closely connected to Karma, believing that you get what you give. If you are seeing the angel number 818, there is an aspect(s) of your life that is blocking your happiness.

Biblically, the number 8 signifies regeneration following after the number 7, which represents the completion of something. Remember, God, rested on the 7th day after completing the creation of well, everything, Romans 8:18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

818 in Love and Relationships

This is where a twin flame is implied, 818 is a sign that your twin flame will either enter your life or you will realize it within someone you already know but were too negative to see or feel it. Twin flames are a lot like soul mates in the sense that you feel magnetically drawn to this person; a sense of familiarity even if you had just met them.

Shot of an affectionate mature couple.

The difference though is huge and undeniable. See, we have many soulmates out there, coming to us in many different aspects and relationships such as a best friend, a co-worker, and oftentimes, a romantic partner. Your soul travels on the same vibration or algorithm as theirs.

You may have met a soulmate in a past life or another realm. You almost instantly hit it off and often compliment each other’s vibe. A soulmate can be in your life for a long period of time or only for the time it takes to teach one or both parties a lesson.

A twin flame, on the other hand, is the other half of your soul. The yin to your yang. The exact fit to our half, hence why there can be only one. Twin flames show us, well, the real us, like a mirror per se. They show us parts of ourselves that maybe we have tried to ignore, often leading to a major disruption following realization, in our life.

A very necessary one though, filled with much-needed lessons. Once you have met your twin flame, you should expect them to be permanent figures, as it is very difficult to split the soul again. Death normally is the only thing strong enough to divide it. It is believed that 818 is letting you know to prepare for this amazing reunion.

Starting A New Life

Consider yourself lucky, since not all of us get this opportunity. It’s like finding the needle in a haystack. Like hitting the lottery, twice, 818 has also been believed to remind the individual receiving the message to trust in their gut feeling. Listen to what your intuition is telling you, and take responsibility for your life. To be more independent.

It could be that you seek the opinion of others because you have become insecure about your own ability to make the right choices in your life. Maybe you have become so wrapped up in your work that you neglect your duties at home or vice versa.

Perhaps you have been feeling stuck in a rut. Has a negative outlook on your life clouded your ability to hope for anything better? Or maybe you have become too judgemental of others, forgetting that none of us are perfect.

818 is an affirmation that an important chapter or phase of your life is nearing its end. Whatever chapter this may be, it’s trying to prepare you for big changes to come. Bigger and better.

I think Yoda said it best when he said “close your mouth and open your ears, you must, then hear what your true heart is seeking, and you will”. 818 is an omen that you are worthy and quite capable of achieving happiness within yourself.

Sometimes, in our lives, we lose sight of what we once thought to be of value, placing the responsibility for our own happiness in the hands of another. This relinquishes any self-accountability when we find ourselves miserable and longing for a change.

It is very unfair to yourself and the person you deemed capable of such an impossible task. Not only will they fail at delivering you true happiness, but you also block them from achieving their own, which can not be very good when it comes to collecting Karmic debt. Again, you reap what you sow.

Once you have determined which parts of your life are sources of your state of unhappiness, fears, and insecurities, you can begin to truly understand the full intentions of the universe and take the message given to you by the angels and use it as inspiration and motivation to finally put an end to the negativity within your life.

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Your guardian angel, or the universe, will never lead you off your destiny’s chosen path. In fact, they are there to keep you on it as much as they can. And angels like to deliver messages in person. So know that when you see an angel number, you can be certain that an angel is near you.

Use those messages to encourage you to be brave enough to make the necessary changes to obtain peace and happiness. Let them remind you of the powerful natural skill set you already possess from within.

818 is like an alarm clock, awakening you to reevaluate your conduct and pinpoint the decisions that are suppressing your progress. It is your duty to yourself to open every door of opportunity to advance. You alone are the only one with the power to change what is needed to recognize those doors.

Everyone else will surely fail you if left in charge of your peace and happiness. That is for sure. The only thing the universe asks in return is to trust in the signs and put in the effort, even if you don’t understand why.

The angels can see what we can not and they are like our own personal tour guide, accompanying us, directing us every step of the way on our journey of life. They protect and warn us of potential dangers that can hinder our success. Often a time though, these messages are left unnoticed.

Guardian Angel Number 818 Meaning

When we keep seeing the same angel number, it’s usually because our angels or spirit guides are trying to connect to us. They want to get our attention because they want to guide us and know we are not alone.

Angels sometimes send us warning signs in the form of numbers, like 818, to help us break bad habits and begin a new chapter in life.

Angel number 818 means that a big part of your life is ending. This could be a cycle, phase, relationship, etc. But this ending doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Your spirit guardians want you to know that whatever is departing your life will be replaced with something better and more aligned with you.

The number 818 tells you to open yourself to endless benefits when you surround yourself with great people and heed your own voice. And if you concentrate on the good aspects of your life, you’ll attract more pleasant experiences.

The Meaning Of 818 In Religion

The meaning of 818 in religion has been a topic of much debate. The people have readily adapted the symbols to their own lives. That is an inspiration to a lot of people around the world too.

The meaning of 818 in religion is simple to explain as well. The effort pays off and that deal is on the rise. The meaning of 818 in religion is simple to explain. That allows people to search for deeper meaning in a world that may be hard.

Online forums are another deal for what is happening these days. The project is going to take off in a short time span. The meaning of 818 in religion is plenty useful for all of the right reasons. The process should be quick and easy for the people too. That effort will move ahead and people ought to do some research as well.

Could Angel Number 818 Be A Bad Sign?

Angel numbers are just that, numbers. However, what makes them special is that they often appear continuously in people’s lives. The figures are often repetitious, like 777 or 888, but not always.

These numbers have different meanings and can affect karma. The meanings can be good and bad, so people need to pay attention. If they notice the bad signs, it could be time for them to make changes in their lives.

Today’s focus is on a particular angel number, 818, and the question is, “Could angel number 818 be a bad sign?”. The answer might depend on who you ask or where you look.

According to research, not everyone agrees on the definition of angel number 818. Let’s look at some of the results, though. Then, you should be able to decide if bad things are just over the horizon for yourself.

Some articles reveal that 818 does not offer spiritual protection in the ways that angel numbers 777 and 888 do. Meanwhile, other posts suggest a twin flame reunion is underway when 818 continually presents itself in a person’s life.

Others show that the number means one’s guardian angels are around, or a big change will soon occur. So, angel number 818 means a lot of things, but it isn’t necessarily a bad sign.


In conclusion, the significance of the angel number 818 is a very powerful omen and when recognized and understood by the recipient, it has the potential to change your life in a positive way but only when you take heed to them.

The purpose of these signs is to invoke emotion, promote a new way of thinking, and eventually spark action that ultimately creates change. Once you obtain the ability to interpret these special gifts from above, you will never again forget your obligation to stay true to yourself and to never again settle for anything less than you deserve.

People in your life, whether they are twin flames, soulmates, acquaintances, or future friends can catch a ride in your car called life, to keep you company on your journey, but you are the only driver insured and qualified to drive and they must bring something positive and beneficial to throw in the gas tank or they will be left walking.

It’s up to you to provide the proper and necessary maintenance to keep your car running the best it can. If you do that, you’ll never be stranded or stuck again. Well, at least not for very long. Remember, you are closely connected to a force more powerful than Yoda. It’s about time you start to behave as such.

Who knows? You have the potential to spread the positivity to someone else who might not be aware of their guardian angels’ attempts in delivering their own life-changing memos. That is the Karmic debt worth collecting. Have faith in the signs. Trust the true intentions of the angels.

Learn about the many other angel numbers there are and what each of them represents to ensure that you are always willing to take the advice of the universe and learn the lessons your soul must learn in order to advance and be the best ‘you’ you know how to be.

That is considered growth and that my friend, is worthy of complete bliss and can be considered priceless.

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