Pigeon Spiritual Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

Pigeons have existed for centuries, inspiring different cultures and religions. Steeped in mystery, pigeons occupy deep spiritual meanings, symbolizing many distinct spiritual interpretations from survival to harmony.

Within these words, we will discover the beauty of pigeons and may be quite surprised to learn the remarkable symbolism of these subspecies of a group of birds.

Pigeon Spiritual Meaning Guide

Within the pigeon family, both genders, male and female, can produce milk for the young pigeons. This fact symbolizes nurturing and caring and symbolizes faithfulness and commitment. These birds are one of the very few that mate for a lifetime.

Pigeons are considered sacred within ceremonies due to their monogamy. If one pigeon passes away, the other will live the rest of its days in a relentless heart-wrenching state of loneliness.

Pigeons are also birds of purpose. People believe a pigeon would deliver a message to someone and return home once the message was safely delivered. The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses characterizes the pigeon as a creature of incredible perception.

White pigeons flying in the woods.

Pigeons are birds of goodness and excellent character; when they are near, one can be assured they are next to a remarkable creature that expels positivity. The pigeon’s message, representation, and main symbolic structure include determination, victory, mercy and forgiveness, harmony and freedom, fertility, prosperity, inner strength, communication, and removal of anxiety within a large social circle.

The pigeon is kind-hearted, loyal, persistent, determined, goal-minded, relentless in its efforts, and peaceful—all proven by simply surrounding yourself with a pigeon or several. You will instantly realize why these birds carry such expressive, powerful, compelling spiritual meaning.

By an earthly standard, the definition of a pigeon is a stout seed-or fruit-eating bird with a cooing voice and gray and white plumage in physicality. However, the pigeon is far more than what most might perceive, and with knowledge gained into what this creature spiritually represents, the beautiful bird holds a life-changing directive.

Pigeons have an immense ability to adapt, meaning they can flourish anywhere in the world. Their mere presence can serve as a guide in overcoming, becoming victorious, and experiencing life as we have never experienced before.

Pigeon Totem

It is said that a pigeon totem will appear somewhere in your life to restore hope and faith in humanity. To describe a pigeon totem would be seeing and hearing things related to pigeons everywhere you go. This would include the bird in conversation, books, television, titles, movies, and every aspect of your everyday life.

A pigeon totem is a sign you should pay close attention to. It could mean that your kindness is being taken advantage of, evaluating your circle of trust, and giving you the opportunity for the insight you’ve not experienced in a long time.

Sometimes, no matter what we do, we find ourselves living a life of unfortunate events, hurt, discouragement, deception, defeat, and one bitter pill after another.

Close-up of a man holding hands with his friend for encouragement.

Although a person may consistently show goodness to others, what they receive in return is always misfortunate. When this continues for an extended period, a pigeon totem will bring back the light to your life, showing you how good will come back to you eventually, also allowing you to grow in knowledge and tolerance.

The pigeon totem symbolizes peace and love, representing the pigeon’s gentle nature and ability to bring others together. A sign of new beginnings, the pigeon totem reveals hope, optimism, and belief in the power of kindness. When you experience the pigeon totem, it likely appears to take you to a more pleasant place in life, a place of peace and stability.

The pigeon totem provides calm and a sense of pacification that allows you to remain positive through any obstacle that may come your way. Also, the pigeon totem is known to be highly perceptive, providing you with the ability to advance your awareness and versatility.

The Meanings Of Pigeons In Your Dreams

Analyzing and seeing pigeons in your dreams can be significant to all aspects of your life. When you see a pigeon or multitudes of pigeons in your dream state, it will most likely represent something associated with a social area of your life.

Opportunities are coming your way, opening new doors, expanding your creativity, and giving you a renewed sense of optimism and determination to achieve your goals. These are most often the reason for pigeons to appear in your dreams, however, the actions of pigeons in your dreams can also be significant.

For instance, if you see a pigeon flying away, this may represent harmony becoming unbalanced. A pigeon flying towards you or around you may mean you desire freedom from someone specific or a situation in your life.

If you dream of feeding these fantastic creatures, it may mean you are helping someone who is taking advantage of your mercy. Shooing pigeons away is an aspect of a dream you should pay close attention to as it may represent you are giving up when you should be persevering or refusing to show forgiveness to someone close to you.

In both instances, chasing away or shooing away pigeons is a sign you need to make a change in order for positivity to evolve in your life. Seeing yourself catching a pigeon in your dream indicates you are a talented person who does not feel ready to come out from behind the shadows.

Catching a pigeon is symbolic of an incredibly shy nature; however, this is a profound indication it is the right time to free yourself and show the world who you truly are. It is time to be appreciated, show your talent, and come out center-stage, leaving the shadows behind.

Pigeons showing up in your dreams have many positive aspects that can and will guide you in the direction you should be traveling. And like the pigeon, you will persevere, adapt, and succeed.

Pigeons Hold Cultural Significance

Pigeons were brought to America from Europe in the 17th century, and from the most common to several varieties of pigeons, they have inspired cultures since the records first began. We can find depictions of these wondrous birds in scrolls and paintings from ancient Egypt and were a common sight along the Nile.

Pigeons played a large part in Egypt at this time as their droppings were used as fertilizer, and the pigeons were kept in pigeon towers giving way to momentous holes in amazingly tall structures.

Although pigeons were not considered sacred creatures; they held their place of importance in the culture, with the Egyptians recognizing them as representations of fertility, good fortune, and longevity.

During the times of World War I and World War II, pigeons played the role of messenger to the very dangerous front lines of the battles. Pigeons received medals for their work in helping to save lives and, because of their grand duty, played a master role in civilization and our world today.

Woman’s hands freeing pigeons as hope and faith symbolism.

For those who practice Hinduism, pigeons are considered to be the embodiment of the God of Death. Although this may sound quite dark, the people actually associate him with redemption and transformation.

Within the Sumerian culture, the Goddess of War and Sexual relationships were often depicted with a pigeon and considered to be symbolic of deep passion.

In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, pigeons are comparable to the Goddess of Love, Pleasure, Passion, and Beauty – Aphrodite. The pigeon was used as a symbol to portray these characteristics and actions.

Even today, in Christianity, the pigeon is seen as a representation of peace, kindness, healing, divine blessings, and happiness. In Catholicism, some take pigeons to represent the Holy Spirit. A representation due to the fact it is written in scripture that the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a bird that represented peace and holiness.

The most common pigeon symbolism and spiritual meanings in the ancient cultures that worshipped pigeons were good fortune divination, healing, peace, and happiness. Pigeons hold significant cultural representation from ancient times to the present day as a creature profoundly recognized in several powerful ways.

Pigeon Spirit Animal

A spirit animal refers to a spirit that helps guide or protect a person and whose characteristics the person shares. Guiding us through our journeys, it shares a bond with the person associated with it. This does not mean you must have physical contact; it simply means you have an inner connection that can teach you lessons in life.

The pigeon being your spirit animal, you will come to realize it’s time to expand your horizons, step out of your comfort zone, expose your creativity to the world, and find yourself inspired in an immeasurable way.

You will feel the pigeon contributing to your life in positivity, thus knowing when the pigeon is your spirit animal. Beings your spirit animal embodies who you genuinely are, your mind, heart, and every aspect of you, if the pigeon is your spirit animal, you more than likely have these traits:

  • Positivity even when you feel everything is against you, generosity, mercy, you are a forgiving person.
  • You are determined and persistent and ready for a challenge.
  • People with pigeons as their spirit animal have both uncommon and commendable traits.
  • They are hardworking, gentle, and a contributing force in the world, in combination with unprecedented loyalty.
  • This heart of gold, and the knowledge you will always be there for anyone in need, can also lead to being taken advantage of.

However, if you recognize this trait, and you see a clear sign such as a pigeon totem, or a message in a dream, this will enable your clarity in such situations and provide you with insight. A pigeon is a survivor, and prosperity, fertility, success, and a committed attitude are their destiny.

The pigeon spirit animal is a valuable helpmate, offering balance, and strength in times of weariness, and how to integrate calm in those needed times.

It is possible to call upon the pigeon spirit animal at any time as well. The pigeon’s spirit stands for healing, and when an emotional disturbance has entered your life, the spirit animal enables you to be kind to yourself, let go, accept, and move forward.

Woman relaxing and meditating for self-love.

If you’ve been holding a grudge and do not feel forgiveness in your heart, the pigeon animal spirit is very forgiving. This is essential for your own peace of mind, and a renewed sense of calm in your life, and when you call upon the spirit animal of the pigeon, you will find the forgiveness factor you’ve been searching for.

As a spirit animal, the pigeon symbolizes the ability to fly towards the aspects of life that will give you the freedom to live in harmony with others, as well as what is best for you and your own unique self.

However, the pigeon spirit will also guide you out of a life of solitude, and rebuild your family and social circle, which helps to motivate us with support and love. All of us face turbulence as we walk through our personal journey, hardships, emotional unbalance, and challenges.

The pigeon spirit animal is one of great tolerance, kindness, and the most unique survival skills one could ever wish to hold.

Final Thoughts

Every aspect of the pigeon and its spiritual meanings are full of beauty, and specific direction, representing all that is good and harmonious. The pure peace the pigeon can bring is demonstrated in spiritual meanings, pigeon totems, dreams, cultural significance, and the pigeon as a spirit animal.

The overwhelming solace the pigeon brings in a spiritual sense is unfathomable until you understand the spiritual meanings and experience the feelings and differences yourself.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or share your own personal experience with what pigeons spiritually symbolize.

Loyalty, perseverance, kindness, growth in wisdom and insight, harmony, nurturing, and survival skills, are amongst the many pigeons’ spiritual meanings, and all are full of beauty, heart, and ability to live a sound, serene, life.

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