What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Headaches?

Some people think that headaches are just a matter of lack of sleep or stress, but in reality, they can have deeper meanings. A headache could signify that you’re experiencing extreme emotions like anger, sadness, or fear. A headache could also symbolize some change that needs to happen in your life.

Headache’s spiritual meaning can also be a call to action, telling you that a new phase of your life is just beginning. One way or another, your headache’s spiritual meaning will always be related to something important in your life.

What Spirit Causes Headaches?

Below are a few of the common spiritual causes of headaches.

1.     A call or message from Spirit

You may feel it’s not worth listening to your intuition when it comes to something as minor as a headache. This can be hard to accept when dealing with a headache that turns out to be a sign from Spirit.

In this case, try asking your spirit guides why they want you to listen to their message. Sometimes they’ll give you a vital sign with their messages; other times, they won’t speak at all, just letting the pain or headaches tell their story.

2.     An energy blockage

A headache can be caused by an energy blockage caused by a negative thought, emotion or feeling. Some emotional headaches may actually be caused by a negative thought that occurred a long time ago, and you’re just now remembering it.

For example, you might have argued with someone essential to your life, and for years you’ve kept this anger bottled up inside you. When the anger came out one day as a headache, the pain was similar to what you felt when the argument first happened.

Now that you remember these thoughts, they will cause more headaches and emotional pain in your life until they are changed.

3.     Being in the wrong place

Your home/work environment is often a key to your headache and emotional pain. When you’re at home or work, and you get angry, sad, or upset over something that has happened, your emotions are bound to release the physical pain that’s usually held back inside you.

A woman stressed at work.

Additionally, if many of your emotions have been released upon entering a certain house or workplace, it can cause frustration and anger to build up even more in that location. You may also find yourself having a headache after being in a location for too long without relieving stress.

4.     Your spiritual vibration is too low & needs an adjustment

It is important to understand that the reason you have a headache is that something in your life has changed. If you’re constantly getting headaches, it could be that your spiritual vibration is too low and needs an adjustment. Change doesn’t have to be big, just enough to make your vibration rise and make you feel better again.

For example, if you haven’t been praying for a long time, the spiritual vibrations in that area of your life may need to be adjusted.

If you were once a very enthusiastic person who enjoyed his or her job but are now not as energetic as you used to be, the vibrations in that area of your life may need an adjustment. You can also lower your vibration by counting negative thoughts and changing your thoughts to positive ones.

5.     Feeling trapped or serving a specific purpose

There are times we feel like we have no choice but to live the way we’re living; there’s only one way to get out of what you feel like you’ve fallen into. You may be living the life that is the best for you in a very negative sense, but it’s not what you want to be doing with your life, so that life is just not working well for you anymore.

In that case, try focusing on something else and see if it doesn’t work better for you. Being stressed out over something that you have no control over will never do you any good. If that doesn’t work and you are tired of feeling like you are in a trap, then you may ask the universe for help.

Try making a change in your life and see if things don’t get better for you. All problems in life come from the same two places, fear or inner blockage. So if you are having trouble with something, turn off the mental chatter, focus on anything but what’s bothering you, and relax until you feel better.

6.     The headaches are just a physical manifestation of an inner conflict or negative emotion

You may have been taught as a child that it was not okay to express your negative emotions. Now that you’re an adult, you still feel the same way about it. So you try to push these negative emotions deep into your subconscious, but they still manifest themselves through physical pain (such as headaches).

Hearing a father’s advice.

Once these negative emotions are expressed successfully and without repercussions, they will dissipate and no longer be an issue in your life. If the person who told you that it wasn’t okay to express yourself as a parent or someone else important to you, it helps if you can forgive them for holding on to this belief.

In this case, it could be a good idea to talk about your feelings with them, listen to their side of things, and see if you can forgive them for what they did.

7.     Brain cells are dying from stress

There are times when you may suffer from severe pain (such as headaches) while you’re working too hard on a project or just being in an uncomfortable situation. At times like these, it is normal to feel very stressed out and have spiritual pain because of that stress.

If you have a demanding job where you have to work long hours or work in conditions that are not ideal for you, this may cause mental and physical stress. If your brain cells are stressed out because of that, you may get headaches.

8.     Too much worry or negative thoughts are causing headaches

Most people start to experience headaches when they first wake up in the morning but wait until noon to go to their doctor or a headache specialist like me. This is because many headaches that happen later in the day are caused by too many negative thoughts and worries about upcoming events in your life, like a meeting with a client, for example.

If there are too many negative thoughts running through your brain, you may find yourself having headaches or even a bad day. You should be careful about what you worry about as well. If you worry too much, it will cause headaches as well.

9.     Too much stress can really mess up your head

Most people experience stress on a regular basis during their daily lives, but if it’s too much stress for them over an extended period of time (such as multiple days), then they may get headaches from that stress. If you have a job, family, or other activities that you do when stress builds up, then it’s possible that your headaches are caused by stress.

If you experience too much pain in your head when the day is done, then there may be too much stress for your body. Consider practicing meditation to relieve this tension and become more centered and grounded in yourself.

10.     You’re weak or not strong enough to handle the situation properly

You may have been told by others at a young age that if you cry, then people will laugh at you, so your “stiff upper lip” has grown over time because of this fear that you have of showing any weakness or vulnerability to other people. This creates a feeling of shame (even though it’s not your fault) that is subconsciously expressed through headaches.

This may also take the form of physical pain in other areas of your body as well. If you have to experience too much emotional pain in order to get rid of these feelings, it may be time to address this issue and do some healing.

A lady gesturing a no sign.

If you’re suffering from head or neck pain due to this issue, it helps if you can say “No” when someone asks you something that requires you to show any weakness or vulnerability or if they make fun of your pain or what you’re going through.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Headache?

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that it is a spiritual pain or inner conflict. It may be that you have some great spiritual pain in your life but are not aware of it or let others take advantage of you.

If you are someone who has been hurt or taken advantage of in the past and this is manifesting through physical pain (such as headaches), then perhaps it’s time to forgive them for what they did to you. This can also be done by talking with them about this issue and listening to their side of things before making a decision on the matter.

It may also be that you’re having some negative thoughts that are causing your headaches, such as thinking too much about something that makes you worried about the future. If this is the case, then giving yourself some time to relax and think about things will help you work through your thoughts.

Whatever the reason may be, consider taking a break or getting some rest if you feel sleepy or tired after working long hours at your job and readying yourself for a stressful day at work.

It is also possible that you are getting headaches because of too many negative thoughts in your mind. Make sure that you control how many negative thoughts enter your mind, as well as be careful what you think about.

If this is the case, consider reading something that helps relieve negativity and lift off these bad energies from your life, and also puts a smile on your face for a change.

11 Spiritual Meanings Of Headaches

A confused woman being stressed.

1.     Stress and anxiety

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that you have built up pressure on yourself, either from overthinking or because of stress. It is important that you release this pressure before it gets to be too much and causes mental breakdowns, such as panic attacks.

2.     Negative thoughts

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that it’s a sign that you have been concentrating too much on negative thinking and need to take some time to relax. If this happens, find something creative to do or perhaps see a physical therapist for help relaxing your mind and body.

3.     Scared or overwhelmed

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that you are scared about something or don’t know how to handle a situation properly. If this is the case, then allow yourself to take some time to think about what the problem is and how to solve it

4.     No trust in your partner

Did you have a headache while in a relationship? The spiritual meaning of this may be that you did not trust your friend or partner enough to feel love for them because of what they did in the past.

The meaning of this is that you are too cautious, or perhaps something happened in your childhood that makes you fearful of trusting anyone.

5.     Habit or routine

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that you are repeating the same habits or routines over again in your life as opposed to trying new things because you have become afraid to try new things because you fear the unknown.

However, if you try new things and learn from them, then there is always more to learn from them, no matter how simple some of these new experiences may seem.

6.     Past memories

It may be that you are repeating some old memories from your past that have caused you pain and anxiety. These memories may stem from things in your childhood, such as being bullied or other traumatic experiences.

It is good to reach out and talk with a therapist to find out more about these things and figure out why they happened in the first place. Find ways to cope with these painful thoughts so that you can release them in order to heal yourself.

7.     You need to breathe

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that you have been holding your breath and not doing enough deep breathing. The body needs fresh oxygen in order for it to function properly, and when you breathe too shallowly or hold your breath, this will cause headaches.

Learn to breathe deeply and focus in a natural way, and this will help you get more oxygen into your body and help relieve those headaches.

8.     A physical problem

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that there may be physical problems that are causing the pain. If you feel something physically wrong with your neck or head, then as soon as possible, see a doctor to check it out.

See what the problem is and then take steps to correct the problem. Try some home remedies first to heal your body before seeing a doctor.

9.     You need to let go

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that you are holding onto something or someone too tightly or that you are just possessive in general. The best thing for you to do right now is to spend some time alone and let go of these negative emotions that make you feel bad or sick.

10.     Never give up

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that you have been working very hard on a project or something and feel like giving up. However, you should learn not to give up so easily because if you don’t, then you will never know how far you can go with it.

Never give up until the moment of success, and hang in there no matter what the problem is.

11.     Awareness

The spiritual meaning of a headache is that it’s an indication that there may be things in life that need to be changed, but you need to do some personal work first and get more in touch with yourself before you can do this properly.

Are Emotional Headaches A Thing?

Emotional headaches are real, and they feel like physical ones. Emotional pain is also real, just like any other physical pain. If you are suffering from this headache, you can be helped. The first step is to acknowledge that it isn’t normal and something is really wrong.

You feel this way because the parts of your body that control the emotions are hurting and need help to heal properly so that the emotional part of you can return to normal.

The healing process involves finding out what the cause of your pain is and then dealing with it in a healthy way. This can involve talking to a therapist, taking a walk outdoors or doing something creative, or seeing a doctor if needed.

What Emotion Causes Headaches?

Stress, depression, and anxiety are the most common causes of headaches. Stress can affect you in many ways, but it’s incredibly damaging to your health when it leads to headaches. Stress-related headaches are often described as tension headaches or migraines.

You may feel a dull ache or sharp pain on both sides of your head, which may increase if you remain upright for too long or bend over to pick something up. In this article, we will discuss what emotion causes headaches.


When you’re under stress, your body releases hormones that increase blood flow to muscles and other tissues. This causes blood vessels to dilate (open up) and become more permeable (more susceptible to leakage), leading to increased pressure in your head.

Stress also affects your posture by causing you to hunch over and tighten up your neck muscles, which can cause tension headaches.


Anxiety is often accompanied by tension headaches and pain in other body parts, such as the shoulders or back. Stress can also cause muscle spasms in the neck and jaw (a temporomandibular joint syndrome).


Depression may cause chronic daily headaches that are not related to stress or anxiety. Depression is associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease, two conditions leading to heart attacks and strokes.


Anger is an emotion that makes you want to hurt someone or something. Anger is an emotional state that can typically react to frustration and stress. Anger is a natural response to injustice. It’s a way to express your feelings when something terrible happens and can help you stand up for yourself when someone mistreats you.

When anger becomes a problem, it leads to stress on the body, negatively affecting the brain and nervous system. When you have frequent headaches caused by stress, take some time each day to relax.

Try yoga or tai chi, or take a walk in nature — these activities will help calm your mind and body so you can deal with life’s daily challenges more calmly.


Sadness is another emotion that can cause headaches — especially if it lasts for several days or weeks without resolution. The sadness associated with grief may also trigger headaches in some people grieving the loss of someone close to them (such as a spouse or parent).

You may also feel sad when dealing with relationship problems or other stressful situations that don’t get resolved quickly.

Stress can cause tightening in muscles around the head and neck, making the nerves more sensitive to light and sound. If you’re experiencing this type of headache, try taking a break from whatever is stressing you out — whether it’s work or family life — and see if that makes it go away.

Headache Meanings

Headaches are a common problem for many people, it can be due to stress, anxiety, or eyesight problems. Most headaches occur due to prolonged exposure to gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and even gaming consoles, the exposure slowly damages the eyesight which leads to sudden headache problems.

But for some headaches occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle such as eating excessive fatty foods, smoking, and drinking excessive alcohol that can slowly increase the person’s blood pressure, usually, the headache is the first symptom.

Headaches can easily affect the day-to-day living of a person because he/she might not be able to work or study which is why when a person is experiencing sudden headaches it is important to drink plenty of water and avoid any hot places that trigger a migraine that can lead to fainting.

Check-in with a medical physician if the headache has become continues since you might need to check and be prescribed a medical drug to prevent any more illnesses.


There is a spiritual meaning to a headache, and there are many ways to heal them. You can take over-the-counter pills for pain relief, but this isn’t the best way to do it, as these few days of taking these pills will not solve your problems.

They will help you cope with them so that you can take some time to figure out what it’s all about. Headache spiritual meanings are there to help you understand your pain and then heal it so that you can feel better in your mind and body.

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